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Aaron West

3-Minute Read

At work we’re in the process of migrating all of our code repositories from Bitbucket to GitHub. Our main driver for this change, and something I should probably write about here, is integrating all of our project management and process orchestration in one tool. This brings our issue management, project planning, state visualization, and more into the tool we use to manage code.

Aaron West

2-Minute Read

This week our data team were talking about ways to run a Python script without having the execution attached to your console session. There’s more than way one to accomplish this but here’s the one they settled on.

Aaron West

1-Minute Read

I don’t generally forget the password for Wi-Fi networks I use, mainly because I use 1Password to store all secrets. But, I ran across the ability to retrieve the password, in plain text, from the OS X Keychain of an SSID I’ve previously connected with. Not a huge amount of utility to this but it’s interesting the capability exists.

Aaron West

8-Minute Read

About a week ago I purchased a YubiKey Edge, a USB security device from Yubico. The company makes several editions of the YubiKey each designed to add security to your interactions on the Internet. The most common use case of the device is functioning as a hardware component in two-factor authentication. Yubico calls this 2FA while others, such as Google, refer to it as 2-step verification. In either case the point is for the end user to supply something they know in conjunction with something…

Aaron West

2-Minute Read

Below are the various Bash commands needed to flush DNS on Mac OS X. There are several different versions of the commands depending on which version of OS X in use. Ensure you are selecting the command appropriate for your OS. HT to OSXDaily for additional explanations on what is happening under the covers.

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