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This week our data team were talking about ways to run a Python script without having the execution attached to your console session. There’s more than way one to accomplish this but here’s the one they settled on.

Aaron West

7-Minute Read

Many of us navigate life each day with a smartphone. And on that smartphone is an atomic clock of sorts. No it isn’t a “real” atomic clock but given a smartphone is typically connected to cell towers and/or a wi-fi network the time and day on a smartphone is generally correct. I’d be willing to bet many of you use your smartphone as your daily watch. We’ve pretty much come to expect we will always have the correct time (within a few seconds) available at a quick…

Aaron West

8-Minute Read

For the past few months I’ve been planning on writing a post about the services that make this site possible. I’ve read these sorts of posts on other sites and they seem very marketing heavy. They’re often titled “sponsor post” or something equivalent. This post is different. I’m genuinely a fan (and customer) of all of these services and in most cases I pay for them monthly. After the break I discuss each service/app I rely on to power this site. I put each…

Aaron West

31-Minute Read

This post is a followup to my previous guide to installing ColdFusion 9 on Ubuntu. While that post was all about the specifics to getting ColdFusion up and running on Ubuntu, this post is all about CentOS. The overall process is the same and I’m covering all the same steps, but the commands in this post are specific to the CentOS operating system. So why I’m writing this?

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