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I was able to get my YubiKey Edge working with GitHub Two-factor Authentication recently. On I went through the two-factor setup and selected the authentication app option. When I got to the screen with the QR code I launched the YubiKey Authenticator app on Mac OS X Yosemite (10.10.x) and plugged in my YubiKey Edge. I then chose the File -> Add option in the menubar. I actually had to click back and forth between the YubiKey Authenticator icon in the Dock and any other app icon in…

Aaron West

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At work we’re in the process of migrating all of our code repositories from Bitbucket to GitHub. Our main driver for this change, and something I should probably write about here, is integrating all of our project management and process orchestration in one tool. This brings our issue management, project planning, state visualization, and more into the tool we use to manage code.

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