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During the last two months I’ve been reflecting on characteristics and beliefs of our engineering team at Dataium. I wanted to come up with a few key things which, when communicated to others, would describe some of what makes us “tick.” Sort of an elevator pitch to a potential new hire or a way to describe some of our philosophy toward technology and business. The resulting list below isn’t exhaustive but is a few of the things I picked out to share. These are things most engineering teams should aspire to in my opinion.

Things we believe in:

  1. making mistakes and learning from them
  2. ..but trying to do it right the first time
  3. short projects (30 days is a long project)
  4. what we’ve built is never good enough (for us or our customers)
  5. there’s no task too small or menial
  6. tracking our time
  7. tracking our successes and not just failures
  8. logging everything
  9. the technology we currently use isn’t necessarily what we should be using tomorrow
  10. open source software is generally “better” than closed source
  11. we can build our systems and write our code better than anyone else (such as outsource partners)
  12. being a generalist is infinitely better than being a specialist
  13. trying new things and new approaches often
  14. our team can accomplish anything
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