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You can break these down further into: theStruct.GETBIKES.items.length - Number of records in the object
theStruct.GETOILCHANGEHISTORY.items.length - Number of records in the object

And finally, you can access each column of the original query using array syntax and a loop over the length of each object (as demonstrated in the Flash code). That's basically it. Armed with this information you should be able to use ColdFusion to pass back arrays, structures, and simple strings. The possibilities are virtually limitless.

One last note: Notice in the Flash code how the objects query names are in all caps. This is a rather interesting behavior. In ColdFusion we can choose to name our structure keys using either array (associative array) syntax or dot syntax. If you use array syntax, the original case of the key will be preserved. If you use dot syntax (my preference) the keys will be returned to Flash in all caps.