ColdFusion, WDDX, and Flash (Page 8 of 8)


Save your Flash work and then publish the movie by hitting SHIFT+F12. This should create the file Employees.swf in the same directory your Flash file is in. Now, open another instance of your web browser and load the index.htm template which came with the tutorial source files. The url should be something like:


...depending on where you created your wddxTutorial work area. You should see the following:

Well that's it! Pretty simple overall. With just a little bit of time we've created a simple Flash movie that displays database content. With what you learned today you can take any RDBMS get information out of it and display it in a Flash movie. However, with the advent of ColdFusionMX and FlashMX, displaying database content (or XML content) is much much easier. For a look at how to build dynamic Flash content using these technologies, check out some of my other tutorials or search the Internet.