ColdFusion, WDDX, and Flash

Publication Date

10.2001 (Reformatted 11.2002)


ColdFusion 5 or higher, Flash 5 or higher, Microsoft Access 2000 or higher.

Topics Covered

Creating a simple Access database, creating dynamic text fields in Flash, ActionScripting, CFWDDX, CFQUERY, CFHEADER.

Source Files

Throughout the tutorial I'll reference particular lines of code in ColdFusion templates and/or Flash frames. Wherever possible, I've tried to also include the code within the tutorial including line numbers. The line numbers in the tutorial correspond to the line numbers in the downloadable source files and in most cases are not sequential. This is because I've ommitted the ColdFusion comments in the interest of brevity. To download the source files for this tutorial, click here.