Projects | Flash MP3 Player


  • Supports N number of playlists.
  • Support for high bandwidth and low bandwidth tracks.
  • Support for user-specified sample rates/bit rates. (more on this)
  • Updated XML structure that allows users to configure their own track/playlist directory structure.
  • Listeners can choose to save their bandwidth selection and the player remembers the selection use-to-use.
  • New slide-out menu that introduces new features without cluttering the original interface.
  • General player functionality outlined in the new slide-out menu.
  • Volume control built-in so users don't have to depend on main computers volume control.
  • Pan control for adjusting left/right audio channels.
  • NowPlaying section scrolls the current tracks information including track duration.
  • Player is only 56KB in file size (this does not include XML file size).