Git Cheat Sheet

I started working with the Git source control management system in March of 2010. With a background of using other SCM systems like Visual Sourcesafe, CVS, and Subversion, I found getting into Git to be quite easy. But the GUI support for Git as of March 2010 isn't that great. That hasn't proved to be a big deal since I enjoy working from OS X's Terminal command line. Nevertheless, having a cheat sheet of common commands is useful so I created one specifically for Git. If you want to download it, click the link below. If you'd like to read more of my thoughts on Git, hit the project blog link below.

March 2010 Project Blog

BlogCFC Migration Scripts (v5.5 to v5.9.3)

In October of 2006 I posted scripts that would upgrade a BlogCFC blog running version 3.9 to version 5.5. I've done the same thing this time around only this set of scripts will help you upgrade from version 5.5 to version 5.9.3. For an explanation of how I upgraded, what tools I used to make it painless, and the SQL scripts I wrote you can use to get your own blog upgraded, hit up this entry on my blog.

April 2009

SnipEx SQL Server Scripts

Mark Drew created a Web-based ColdFusion snippets sharing capability called SnipEx. Essentially, you set up a domain with a few ColdFusion CFC's and a database, and developers can access your "SnipEx server." Mark's code download only comes with scripts to create a MySQL database. I wrote these scripts for SQL Server so you can get up and running quickly.

Community driven SnipEx servers:

September 2007 Project Blog


twitterAIR is a desktop application - built using Flex 3 and the Adobe Integrated Runtime - that integrates with the services provided by Twitter is a global community of friends and strangers constantly answering the the question: "What are you doing right now?"

June 2007 Project Blog Learn more

Apache/Subversion Whitepaper

The popularity of source control management systems has really taken off in the Web space over the last few years. However, resources outlining setup procedures and best practices are somewhat scarce. I wrote this 60 page whitepaper to outline the process of installing and configuring a development environment with Apache, Subversion, TortoiseSVN, and Subclipse.

March 2007 Project Blog

BlogCFC Migration Scripts (v3.9 to v5.5)

While upgrading my blog from version 3.9 to 5.5 of Ray Camden's BlogCFC, I wrote several SQL scripts to automate the process. This involved writing several ALTER TABLE and UPDATE statements to mesh the old 3.9 scripts into new architecture in 5.5. I've made these scripts available for download in case other users are performing the same migration.

October 2006

My CFEclipse Snippets

Several ColdFusion bloggers have shared their CF snippets so I thought I'd do the same. My snippets illustrate how you can provide pop-up menus allowing you to choose how the snippet will place code in your page. Since I posted this project, other community sites have developed around Mark Drew's SnipEx server project. Check out the SnipEx SQL Server Scripts project above for a list of community driven SnipEx servers.

April 2006

Exception Handler (CFC)

This ColdFusion Component has methods for handling CF errors, displaying user-friendly error messages (in ColdFusion and Flash), and generating error e-mails so you can monitor your site or application. It's very easy to hook this CFC into existing applications and leverage its power and simplicity.

April 2006

iTunes Music Store Auto Play (Mac Only)

I use the iTunes Store quite frequently and really enjoy how it has changed the way I listen to music. However, previewing albums on iTunes is not the seamless experience I'd like it to be. To solve this problem, I wrote a simple AppleScript that allows me to listen to an entire iTunes album (or any track list showing) without having to play each track individually. For instance, instead of double-clicking the next track (or pressing the right arrow key) as the current track approaches its 30-second end, I sit back, relax and listen to each track stream to my computer without my intervention.

March 2006 Learn more

Toggle Hidden Files (Mac Only)

Viewing hidden files in OS X is not as easy as on Windows. There's a command you can run from Terminal but who wants to open up Terminal, type the command (if you can remember it), and restart Finder? Furthermore, who wants to reverse the previous process when you are done finding those hidden files? To get around this problem I found an AppleScript that automates the process, made a few adjustments to suit my needs, and I was in business.

March 2006 Learn more

Deep Copy

The code provided in this download shows how to perform a "deep copy" with ColdFusion data structures. Depending on how you write your CFML you may only create a pointer to your original data structure and not a brand new copy. Download these examples to see how things work under the hood.

March 2006

Flash MP3 Player

I wanted a way for site visitors to check out recent music I had purchased. What better way than to utilize my Flash skills to put together a Flash-based MP3 player. This player was built entirely in Flash MX, gets playlist information from XML files, and streams music from the server to the visitors Flash player.

November 2003 Learn more