Presentations | 2010

BFlex 2010 - Creating AIR Application Updaters

At BFlex 2010 I led a 90 minute hands-on lab on creating AIR application updaters. Attendees worked with me to create two different types of AIR updaters. The first was pretty basic and used the AIR updater API baked into the Flex SDK. The second was a custom updater that extended the AIR updater API providing custom skins and the ability to require users to update their application version. The download assets include my brief slides, all application code, and a 30-page walkthrough PDF that will take you step-by-step building the two example applications.

Sept 11-12, 2010 Information Learn more

CFUnited 2010 - New Caching Features in ColdFusion 9

In this presentation I explore new caching strategies introduced with Ehcache in ColdFusion 9. I walk through the use of new granular caching mechanisms including new caching functions, caching objects and data, page fragment caching, and finally disk and memory caching.

July 28-31, 2010 Information Learn more

Connecticut ColdFusion User Group - Integrating BlazeDS and ColdFusion 9

In this presentation I showed how ColdFusion 9 and BlazeDS are integrated into one server. I demonstrated building a a one-way, real-time messaging application from start to finish, using Flash Builder 4 beta and ColdFusion Builder beta 3.

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