Presentations | 2009

Nashville Flash/Flex Camp - BlazeDS, Flex and AIR

I just finished giving a presentation to Nashville folks on integrating BlazeDS, Flex/AIR, with a little ColdFusion mixed in for fun. I started by giving an overview of the technology behind BlazeDS and I described how BlazeDS messaging works. Then, I dove into the construction of an application in real-time. The app I created demonstrated the use of BlazeDS messaging from a browser application to remote AIR clients.

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CFUnited 2009 - AIR Messaging: Integrating AIR, BlazeDS, and ColdFusion

At CFUnited 2009 I gave a presentation on integrating AIR, BlazeDS, and ColdFusion 8. During the presentation I created a real-world messaging app by walking through the process of building a Flex-based AIR application that communicated with a ColdFusion and BlazeDS server. I also demonstrated how to install BlazeDS and "hook" it to ColdFusion 8.

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Adobe MAX 2009 - BlazeDS / Flex Hands-on Lab

The annual Adobe MAX conference is taking place in Los Angeles, CA this year (October 4-7). I've attended several MAX conferences in the past but have never had the opportunity to present much less teach a hands-on coding lab. My 90 minute lab will walk you through building a Flex application that integrates with BlazeDS in order to consume and produce real-time messaging. In case you read that and said: "Oh no, another chat tool," don't fret, this is far better and is an example of a real business use case.

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BFusion 2009 - New Caching Features in ColdFusion 9 (Hands On)

In this hands-on session attendees and I explored new caching strategies introduced in ColdFusion 9. I demonstrated the use of new granular caching mechanisms including new built-in functions, caching objects and data, page fragment caching, disk and memory caching, and caching using the Java-based Ehcache.

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BFlex 2009 - Integrating BlazeDS and ColdFusion 9 (Hands On)

In this hands-on session I showed attendees how ColdFusion 9 and BlazeDS are integrated into one server. Together, we built a one-way, real-time messaging application from start to finish, using Flash Builder 4 beta and ColdFusion Builder beta. The target audience for the session was intermediate ColdFusion and Flex developers.

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