During my commute to work this morning I began listening to TWiT episode 161 (click here if you have iTunes). In the first 27 minutes Leo Laporte, Jason Calacanis, and Andrew Horowitz talk about the current state of the economy and financial markets. They discuss whether you should be concerned about the economy, what you should do with your investments, how we got to where we are, and whether or not the government should get involved by issuing the bailout. It's a great listen from a few folks with tons of experience in our financial markets.

Jason Calacanis knows what it means to be an entrepreneur having started Weblogs Inc. (which he subsequently sold to AOL), serving as General Manager of the Netscape Web site, and more recently starting Mahalo - a human-powered search engine.

Andrew Horowitz is the author of The Disciplined Investor book and the host of the podcast (iTunes link) by the same name.

I found their thoughts and opinions to be informative and I encourage anyone interested in this topic to give the podcast a listen.


CFConversations Episode 1

Posted by Aaron West at 8:30 PM in ColdFusion, Podcasts

Friday night myself, Brian Meloche, Jeff Coughlin, Adam Haskell, and Rick Mason recorded the inaugural episode of the new CFConversations podcast. The podcast was created by Brian Meloche in an effort to continue the ColdFusion podcasting legacy created by Matt Woodward and Peter Farrell. CFConversations is not a spin off of CFWeekly but rather a new forum for ColdFusion community leaders to get together and discuss anything and everything related to ColdFusion. The episodes are designed to be open conversations between different ColdFusion community leaders. If you've listened to Leo Laporte's TWiT, you'll be familiar with the format of CFConversations.

Friday nights recording session had a few technical issues but ultimately went very well. Head on over to http://www.cfconversations.com, download the first episode and learn what we think about current conferences, ColdFusion 9 (aka Centaur) and the Open BlueDragon and Railo open source initiatives.

CFConversations is now on iTunes. Subscribe here.


The Flex Show Podcast in iTunes Store

Posted by Aaron West at 2:17 PM in Podcasts, Flex

I've mentioned before that I'm a big fan of podcasts. Delving into Flex 2 here and there and just being generally interested in all things Flex, I've been checking out The Flex Show with Jeff Houser and Ryan Stewart. In case folks didn't already know, the podcast is available in the iTunes Store.


ColdFusion Podcasts on iTunes

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I'm a pretty big fan of podcasts. They're almost a staple of my daily commuting entertainment. For some odd reason I have not attempted to find some of the podcasts I listen to on iTunes; until today. While looking up podcasts on ColdFusion I found both The ColdFusion Podcast and ColdFusion Weekly. If you're in to podcasts and you haven't checked these out I recommend doing so. If you haven't listened to a podcast yet why not give it a try now?

The ColdFusion Podcast (iTunes Link)

ColdFusion Weekly (iTunes Link)


Mike Chamber's Podcast is Back

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I've just noticed (2 days late) that Mike Chamber's has posted another Podcast after quite a while since the last one. The latest one (July 7) focuses mostly on Flex 2 and the release that occurred almost two weeks ago now. There are also some Apollo bits mixed in as well.

You can check it out here.