Photo of Lego space shuttle

On a whim today I picked up Gavin's Lego space shuttle and headed outside to take some photos. I got a little carried away and had a ton of fun posing the shuttle against a blue sky background. If you're interested you can check out the entire set here or watch a slideshow of the photos here.


Photo of Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean watch

For those interested in watches I just published a set of photos on Flickr of my Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean. There's a lot of amazing tech that goes into an Omega dive watch and the Planet Ocean is no exception. It features a decompression system that allows the watch casing to off-gas helium after the watch has been in a pressure chamber for a long time. Also on board are Omega's own self-winding Caliber 2500 automatic movement (or the Caliber 9300 if you have the new 2011 edition) with a 48 hour power reserve, an anti-reflective, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, and a self-locking screw-in crown. All of this in a watch that can go as deep as 600 meters (2,000 feet). View the photos here or watch a slideshow of the photos here.


Photo of Lego vehicles

My son has taken a strong interest in Legos since Christmas. A few weeks ago the Nashville Public Library sponsored a Lego building competition grouping entries by age. At the close of the competition the entries were put on display at the downtown library. We took Gavin to see all the creations and I took photos of a bunch of them using my DROID X. The photos aren't great quality, but you can see them all in a Flickr gallery here.

There were a bunch of really cool Star Wars themed creations and some included Woody and Buzz from Toy Story. The most intricate was a giant spaceship perched on a stand. I think it was from Star Wars too but I can't be sure.


Macworld published a blog post about New Year's resolutions for photographers (link below). I read through the post and noted the things I've been trying lately with my Canon 60D. I've had success expanding my photography skills with the following:

  • Fill the frame with your subject.
  • Try packing only an unfamiliar and limited lens and shoot with it all day. A 50mm or macro lens, for example.
  • Resist using a flash in low light.
  • Share your shots: Don't keep all those great new photos to yourself. Post them on Flickr, Picasa, MobileMe, Smugmug, or any other sharing site. Join a photography group and get feedback.
  • Bend your knees--don't shoot every image from eye level.
The Macworld article is here.


My Extreme Haircut

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I've had long hair for the better part of 15 years; it's been part of who I am for a long time. But, I decided I needed a change recently so I secretly scheduled an appointment with my stylist. I say secretly because I wanted to surprise my wife with the new cut. The four braids of hair I cut off were just long enough to send to Locks of Love, so they'll be mailed soon. To chronicle the experience I took before and after photos and shot some video. Click any photo thumbnail below to launch a fullscreen photo browser or play the time lapsed video. What do you think of the new "do?!" Note: All photos and video were edited using only Adobe CS4 products.

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Canon Powershot G10 Image Flaws

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Canon recently announced an issue with their Powershot G10 cameras where horizontal banding was found in some captured images. The service notice states occurrences of the problem are rare but I've found the flaws in several of my images (example below). Fortunately, Canon is offering to repair all affected cameras for free and they've made it pretty easy to determine if your G10 is one of them. Hit this link for all the details.

A second service notice was also announced but is much more difficult to replicate since it only occurs in RAW mode with the ISO set to 1600. This issue can be corrected on your own by loading new firmware but be sure and hit this link first to see if your G10 is affected.

Canon has sample images showing the flaws from the two service notices, but here's one of my images showing the horizotonal banding defect. Click the image to see a full screen version.

Thanks to Engadget for covering this issue.


When it comes to Adobe's Lightroom photography software I consider myself a super noob. I've been using it for over a year now but I'm still learning new things every few weeks. Yesterday I upgraded to version 2 and quickly discovered Lightroom can now run as a 64-bit application. Supported operating systems include Mac OS X 10.5.x and Windows Vista (64-bit).

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