For those reading this that do not know, I'm the CTO of Nashville-based startup Dataium, LLC. Dataium is the largest aggregator of Internet automotive shopping activity, and I'm looking to hire a Database Administrator and a Senior Software Engineer. Both of these positions are critical to the success and technical direction of Dataium and each will join our already amazing team of engineers, systems administrators, and business analysts.

If you're interested in learning more about the DBA position, please click here to download the full job description (PDF).

If you're interested in learning more about the Senior Software Engineer position, please click here to download the full job description (PDF).

Please note: Interested and qualified people should show their interest by emailing their resume to gethired AT dataium DOT com.


For those reading this that do not know, I'm the CTO of Nashville-based startup Dataium, LLC. Dataium is the largest aggregator of Internet automotive shopping activity, and we're looking to hire a software engineer. We're specifically looking for someone with skills in several different technologies such as Java, Apache Hadoop, Adobe Flex/ActionScript 3, ColdFusion, and MySQL.

If you're interested in learning more, the full job description is included after the break.

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Hey folks, just a quick blog post to let everyone know I am looking to hire two great Flex developers right now. These two positions will start contract and will have an opportunity to go full-time. This is an immediate need and will pay well. I need folks who understand Flex and AS3 intimately and who know how to build fantastic looking interfaces on top of a lot of data. These positions can be filled by folks in Nashville or anywhere in the world really.

If you are looking for an awesome project that you can start on right now, please contact me so we can discuss. You can hit up my contact form and send me an e-mail, or use the Google Voice widget on the same page to enter your digits and ring my mobile.


Keeping my ear to the pavement I learn about new development jobs from time to time in the Nashville area. Yesterday I learned about two new openings at Vanderbilt University. Both positions are full-time, Nashville-based jobs specifically targeting folks with 36 months experience and beyond. I happen to know one of the folks on the development team and can vouch he really likes his job. Hit up this link if you are interested in learning more.


Are you a ColdFusion developer with experience managing or supervising other developers? If so, you might be interested in an immediate opportunity in Charlotte, North Carolina. This position is with a major employer in the area who's looking for someone with the following skills.

Required skills:

  • ColdFusion development
  • SQL Server department
Desired skills:
  • Java
  • SharePoint
  • .NET
  • DTS and SSIS
If you have the required skills and you're interested in this position send a current resume to Marianne Mazer at mmazer [AT] premieralliance [DOT] com.


From time to time folks contact me about job openings wondering if I know anyone looking for work. Given todays economy I'm surprised I don't know more folks who are looking! I received another job opening today and wanted to blog it since I don't know of anyone who's immediately available. If you are interested in this senior designer / developer job that requires skills in planning, conceptualizing, and creating interactive projects please contact Chris Spintzyk at cspintzyk [AT] everestusa [DOT] com. In the interest of full disclosure, Everest is a recruiting firm and other than phone calls here and there I have no direct experience with them.

Basic information about this opportunity:

  • Flash and Web site design skills are necessary
  • A strong eye and skill for design for the Web is a plus
  • A high level of object-oriented ActionScripting, HTML, CSS, XML
  • Experience in design implementation into interactive projects with an eye for detail.
  • Looking for a real problem solver, nothing is impossible attitude.
  • Any additional technical skills will be a major consideration for this job role.
  • Key Performance Areas include ActionScript, Flash IDE, HTML, CSS, Client satisfaction, commercial procedures


During my commute to work this morning I began listening to TWiT episode 161 (click here if you have iTunes). In the first 27 minutes Leo Laporte, Jason Calacanis, and Andrew Horowitz talk about the current state of the economy and financial markets. They discuss whether you should be concerned about the economy, what you should do with your investments, how we got to where we are, and whether or not the government should get involved by issuing the bailout. It's a great listen from a few folks with tons of experience in our financial markets.

Jason Calacanis knows what it means to be an entrepreneur having started Weblogs Inc. (which he subsequently sold to AOL), serving as General Manager of the Netscape Web site, and more recently starting Mahalo - a human-powered search engine.

Andrew Horowitz is the author of The Disciplined Investor book and the host of the podcast (iTunes link) by the same name.

I found their thoughts and opinions to be informative and I encourage anyone interested in this topic to give the podcast a listen.


Top 10 Tech Towns

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Wired has published their list of the top 10 tech towns.



Last.fm Is Hiring - Lots!

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I recently blogged about my affinity for last.fm. While browsing around the site this morning I noticed they are looking for a Java developer to work on the last.fm back-end, a PHP developer to work on the actual Web site, and a graphic designer to work on the last.fm site. They're also seeking a smart C++ developer who will be responsible for working on their client tools. You can check out the job postings here (http://www.last.fm/about/jobs/). Now, if we could just get them to power the site with ColdFusion!


The company I work for - Dealerskins - is hiring two ColdFusion developers. One is a mid to senior level developer and the other is an entry level developer. We're a big CF shop that builds Web sites for the automobile industry. We specialize in CF/Flash integration and we've starting doing a bit of Flex development as well. If anyone is interested in either of these positions you can read more about the requirements here: http://www.ncfug.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=dspCareerCenter. Or, you can contact me directly at aaron AT dealerskins DOT com or my personal e-mail address trajik210 at Google mail.


Medkinetics is looking for an experienced ColdFusion developer to help upgrade their existing applications as well as develop new ones. Additionally, they are adding some .NET applications so this would be a great job to gain experience in .NET while still utilizing your ColdFusion skills.

This job is full-time at Medkinetics offices in Franklin, TN and has paid employee health insurance. Salary is commensurate with experience. Anyone interested and experienced enough to "hit the ground running" should contact James Cox at jcox AT medkinetics DOT com. Just tell him I sent ya. =)


It's now official, I've accepted a developer position at Dealerskins here in Nashville. We've been talking for several weeks and after numerous conversations with the team and visits to the office I've decided to join the team. I'm pretty excited about the opportunity to work with new developers on a new team. I'm also particularly excited with joining Dealerskins because of the level of work they do both in Flash and ColdFusion. Dealerskins provides technology solutions, particularly Web solutions, for automobile dealerships across the country. One of their flagship products is the Configurator which allows dealership customers to completely configure a car online. By accessing the dealers Web site the customer can select a make, model, color and tons of other things relating to trim, interior design, options, etc. Customers use an all-Flash interface which gives them a very rich and responsive experience. ColdFusion Components wrangle data to and from SQL Server databases and to and from the Flash client. Since I specialize in both ColdFusion and Flash programming I'll be well suited to contribute to the Dealerskins team.

As of today I've finished my obligations with LittlePlanet Learning. I can't say enough about my near 2 year experience with these folks. They do some really great work in the e-Learning space. It was truly a pleasure working with the project managers and developers creating excellent courseware to help educate people across the country and around the world. Any time I've had the opportunity to work with great people It's been a two-edged sword making the decision to leave and seek out new challenges. I'll miss each and every one of the great people at LittlePlanet.

I'll officially start work with Dealerskins December 6th.

If you want more information on Dealerskins you can click on over to their site here. To get a brief glimpse of the technology and experience offered by Dealerskins' Web sites check out this site: http://www.whatisredline.com.