Rolex Releases New Web Site

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I have a huge affinity for timepieces (watches to the layman). Several years ago I started looking at buying a Rolex so I visited their Web site. After tremendous amounts of research and buying a Rolex Sea-Dweller I haven't visited the site much. The previous site worked well enough but it always seemed cumbersome and slow on my Powerbook G4 in Safari and Firefox. The screen transitions would take quite a while and sometimes not even work. Several times I would have to refresh the entire site and advance through menu options again. After hearing about the redesign I paid the site a visit. It's always contained some stunning photography but the new site is definitely an improvement. The site is designed to detect whether your browser supports JavaScript, Flash, and CSS and whether you have them turned on or off. I disabled JavaScript using the Web Developers plugin for Firefox and received a non-Flash experience. However, the site developers were successful in offering an alternative browsing experience without degrading quality. The images are still stunning and the site - for the most part - looks exactly the same.

For such an amazing and timeless product, the Rolex site delivers and equally amazing Web site. My only complaint is the Sea-Dweller not being part of the Extraordinary Watches section. The Sea-Dweller includes all the technical marvels of the Oyster Perpetual movement with the additional ability to be submerged to 1,220 meters (4,000 feet). Also included are the Oyster fliplock bracelet (allowing the piece to be worn over a wet suit) and the helium gas escape valve (necessary for those spending time in a helium-enriched underwater habitat). These technial feats, which are unmatched by any other timepiece, should justify its placement in the Extraordinary Watches category.


Apollo on Labs Soon

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I was reading through Mike Chambers Apollo Overview / Getting Starting slides and noticed he mentioned Apollo would be making its way to labs in early 2007. No further information is given but one can hypothesize "early 2007" could mean really soon. If you want to be notified when Apollo is available in beta form check out this link (http://labs.adobe.com/wiki/index.php/Apollo).


MXNA Spam Bug

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Within the last half hour I noticed ALL my ColdFusion, Flex, and Flash blog posts have shown up on MXNA in one big heap. Apparently this is a known issue with MXNA and this makes sense considering my blog does not push data to MXNA. Rather, MXNA pulls data from my blog via RSS syndication. So, something must've gotten reset on the MXNA aggregator making it think all my posts were brand new.

It seriously sucks and while I couldn't have prevented it I apologize for the friggin headache I know it has caused all the MXNA readers. Considering the impact of this bug I hope someone at MXNA takes a look at this and gets things resolved.


Call For Speakers

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I'm working on the next several months of user group meetings for the Nashville ColdFusion User Group. Planning content, presentations, etc. I'm putting a call out to the ColdFusion community for folks that may be interested in presenting to our group. We've had tons of great presentations the last 2 years (both in person and via Breeze) and I want to continue providing relevant, cutting edge content to the group. If you are a speaker (or aspire to be) and you would be willing to present to our group, please send me an e-mail (trajik210 at Google mail) including your topic idea.

As a side note, there are several people in our group who present on a regular basis who would probably be willing to present at other user groups across the country. Managers, get in touch with me if this interests you!


The company I work for - Dealerskins - is hiring two ColdFusion developers. One is a mid to senior level developer and the other is an entry level developer. We're a big CF shop that builds Web sites for the automobile industry. We specialize in CF/Flash integration and we've starting doing a bit of Flex development as well. If anyone is interested in either of these positions you can read more about the requirements here: http://www.ncfug.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=dspCareerCenter. Or, you can contact me directly at aaron AT dealerskins DOT com or my personal e-mail address trajik210 at Google mail.


Flash 8 Certification Exam Now Available

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As the title says, Adobe has released the Flash 8 certification exam. If you are interested you can check out Adobe's Certification program or log-in to Pearson Vue's site and schedule your test.


Flash 10th Anniversary Movie

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Earlier this month I posted about a link to an Adobe Breezo on the 10th birthday of Flash. Adobe has now made available a little Flash movie showcasing 10 years of Flash. The piece was meant to be shown at all the user group meetings celebrating Flash's 10th birthday but is just now available. Check it out to get a glimpse at the past, present, and future in Flash development.

Flash 10th Anniversary Movie


10 Years of Flash Breezo

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Adobe has posted a Breezo covering the 10 years of Flash's existence. The speakers include Kevin Lynch, Mike Downey, Mike Chambers, and Eric Whitman. You can view the breezo here:



Ryan Stewart has done some leg work to aggregate all the info pertaining to MAX sessions by product line and present the data in a graph. I'm not going to say you should or shouldn't infer anything from the data, but it definitely is interesting to see how all the sessions break down.

Check it out here.


Yesterday, Mike Downey presented at the Adobe Community Summit on Flash. During the Q and A period an audience member asked about the Flash Player express install experience wondering if it required any user interaction. Since I already had a Captivate demo showing how express install works I thought I would post it. This demo illustrates upgrading from FP6 to FP7.

Click here for the demo.


Adobe has now opened registration for MAX, Las Vegas which will be taking place October 23-26, 2006. Click the link below for all the details and to register yourself early.



Mike Chamber's Podcast is Back

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I've just noticed (2 days late) that Mike Chamber's has posted another Podcast after quite a while since the last one. The latest one (July 7) focuses mostly on Flex 2 and the release that occurred almost two weeks ago now. There are also some Apollo bits mixed in as well.

You can check it out here.


New DevCenter Content

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With the release of Flex 2 today and new information regarding Flash Player 9 and ActionScript 3.0 coming out Adobe has updated the developer center with new content. There's a redesigned Flex Developer Center, redesigned Flex sample applications, new Flex Quick starts and more information on Flash 9 and AS 3.0. You can check it all out right here.


We've all known it was in the works and now, after several months of being officially "Adobe" the macromedia.com site has been laid to rest. The integration of the adobe.com and macromedia.com domains has now taken place with the new site taking on an all too familiar landscape. Check it out:



FlashObject is now SWFObject

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A little over a month ago I blogged about the IE Active Content update and how you could easily update your site with a nice piece of JavaScript called FlashObject. Apparently, using the word "Flash" ruffled some feathers at Adobe when they asked the author to write an article for the Developer Center. After attempting to compromise with Adobe on the issue the author has now been asked to change the name of his product. And so he has. FlashObject is now called SWFObject. I don't pretend to understand all the legal details regarding these types of issues, but it is definitely unfortunate that we [apparently] cannot have projects and products with the name "Flash" in them. Go Adobe. To read the author's take on this click on over to his blog post on the matter.

SWFObject JavaScript Code