Adobe's RIA technologies enable you to rapidly build and deploy the most engaging applications across browsers and on the desktop. The 615Flex user group and the Nashville CF User Group are hosting a special live event to share exciting new information on Adobe's platform tools and technologies for building RIAs. You'll see an exclusive user group video presentation by Adobe CTO, Kevin Lynch, hear some important product news, plus get your hands on some exclusive schwag and other giveaways. Be part of the fun and excitement and join the rest of the Adobe developer community by participating in this very special event.

Monday, February 25 at 7:00pm CST

Dealerskins Office
404 BNA Dr.(Suite 600 (Building 200)
Nashville, TN 37217

Map and directions:


Tomorrow (Dec. 10) John Mason will be presenting on fundamentals of Adobe AIR to the Nashville 615Flex user group. John will be covering topics such as the File system API, the SQLite engine, clipboard drag and drop, offline/online functionality and the AIR security model. If you're in Nashville, the presentation will be at Dealerskins, where I work. If you're outside of Nashville you can attend via Adobe Acrobat Connect. Matthew Wallace, the user group manager, hasn't shared the Connect URL yet, but when I get it I will post it here. Full meeting details are here.

The Acrobat Connect URL for this meeting is: http://adobechats.adobe.acrobat.com/r99106993/


The company I work for - Dealerskins - is hiring two ColdFusion developers. One is a mid to senior level developer and the other is an entry level developer. We're a big CF shop that builds Web sites for the automobile industry. We specialize in CF/Flash integration and we've starting doing a bit of Flex development as well. If anyone is interested in either of these positions you can read more about the requirements here: http://www.ncfug.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=dspCareerCenter. Or, you can contact me directly at aaron AT dealerskins DOT com or my personal e-mail address trajik210 at Google mail.


It's now official, I've accepted a developer position at Dealerskins here in Nashville. We've been talking for several weeks and after numerous conversations with the team and visits to the office I've decided to join the team. I'm pretty excited about the opportunity to work with new developers on a new team. I'm also particularly excited with joining Dealerskins because of the level of work they do both in Flash and ColdFusion. Dealerskins provides technology solutions, particularly Web solutions, for automobile dealerships across the country. One of their flagship products is the Configurator which allows dealership customers to completely configure a car online. By accessing the dealers Web site the customer can select a make, model, color and tons of other things relating to trim, interior design, options, etc. Customers use an all-Flash interface which gives them a very rich and responsive experience. ColdFusion Components wrangle data to and from SQL Server databases and to and from the Flash client. Since I specialize in both ColdFusion and Flash programming I'll be well suited to contribute to the Dealerskins team.

As of today I've finished my obligations with LittlePlanet Learning. I can't say enough about my near 2 year experience with these folks. They do some really great work in the e-Learning space. It was truly a pleasure working with the project managers and developers creating excellent courseware to help educate people across the country and around the world. Any time I've had the opportunity to work with great people It's been a two-edged sword making the decision to leave and seek out new challenges. I'll miss each and every one of the great people at LittlePlanet.

I'll officially start work with Dealerskins December 6th.

If you want more information on Dealerskins you can click on over to their site here. To get a brief glimpse of the technology and experience offered by Dealerskins' Web sites check out this site: http://www.whatisredline.com.