Golf at CFUnited 2010

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I'm turning what's normally a short two hour flight to D.C. into a two day trek from Nashville to CFUnited by car. I should be arriving at the Lansdowne resort on Monday, July 26 and am interested in playing golf sometime on Tuesday the 27th. I might play an additional round on Saturday too. If you are into golf and you want to play, hit me up by e-mail or post a comment below.


ColdFusion 9.0.1 Released

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As of a few moments ago, Adobe released the first major update to ColdFusion 9.0, which itself was released in early October of 2009. This new release, brings ColdFusion's version number to 9.0.1. So what's in the updater? The short list of my favorite features include: Amazon S3 support, caching enhancements and an upgrade to Ehcache 2.0, and logging enhancements (you can now generate log files for HTTP, FTP and other services).

Let me reiterate that's my short list of features to call out. There's many more enhancements and fixes included in the updater that you might find useful.

For more information on what's new and to download the updater, please check out the links below. NOTE: There is not a full installer for 9.0.1. You must first download and install 9.0 and then download and install the 9.0.1 updater.

ColdFusion 9.0.1 new features list is here.
ColdFusion 9.0.1 release notes are here.
Download ColdFusion 9.0.1 here.
Download Updater SOLR installer and Dreamweaver extensions here.


Welcome to My New Site!

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Two weeks ago today I brought aaronwest.net live bringing all my content from trajiklyhip.com and trajiklyhip.com/blog to a brand new, consolidated interface on a new domain. Before I talk about my new site and what I like about it, I want to give a (somewhat) brief overview describing my sites evolution over the last 8 years. Keep reading after the break.

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Hey folks, just a quick blog post to let everyone know I am looking to hire two great Flex developers right now. These two positions will start contract and will have an opportunity to go full-time. This is an immediate need and will pay well. I need folks who understand Flex and AS3 intimately and who know how to build fantastic looking interfaces on top of a lot of data. These positions can be filled by folks in Nashville or anywhere in the world really.

If you are looking for an awesome project that you can start on right now, please contact me so we can discuss. You can hit up my contact form and send me an e-mail, or use the Google Voice widget on the same page to enter your digits and ring my mobile.


Keeping my ear to the pavement I learn about new development jobs from time to time in the Nashville area. Yesterday I learned about two new openings at Vanderbilt University. Both positions are full-time, Nashville-based jobs specifically targeting folks with 36 months experience and beyond. I happen to know one of the folks on the development team and can vouch he really likes his job. Hit up this link if you are interested in learning more.


Last week I gave a presentation to the Connecticut ColdFusion User Group (CFUGitives) on integrating BlazeDS and ColdFusion 9. This is the same talk I've given other places without the hands-on aspect. I've zipped up my slides and code and made them available for download here. When you extract the downloaded zip file you should see the following folder structure.

  • /FlashBuilderProject/FlexMessaging.fxp (a full Flash Builder 4 project)
  • /Slides/IntegratingBlazeDS_ColdFusion.pdf (my slides in PDF format)

To get started, import the FlexMessaging.fxp file into Flash Builder 4 as a new Flex project. This will setup nearly every aspect of the project. I typically customize my Flex 3 projects in Flash Builder with two other settings. Right-click on your new project folder and select properties. In the resulting window, select Flex Build Path. Change the Framework linkage setting to "Merged into code" and add an appropriate Output folder URL (this setting is located at the bottom of the window). I put my project in my Web root, so I typically set Output folder URL to "http://localhost/project_name/bin-debug/. Adding this setting will allow you to build the project and run it in your default browser with a localhost URL versus a filesystem specific URL.

More after the break.

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This coming Monday, February 15 I'll be giving my ColdFusion 9 and BlazeDS presentation to the Connecticut ColdFusion User Group. It's all going down online via Adobe Connect so fire up your browser at 6:00pm CST on Monday if you want to be part of the fun. All the relevant meeting info, such as the Adobe Connect URL, is located on the CFUGitives site.

But, here's a quick presentation description:

In this presentation Aaron will show you how ColdFusion 9 and BlazeDS are integrated into one server. Aaron will demonstrate how to build a one-way, real-time messaging application from start to finish, using Flash Builder 4 beta and ColdFusion Builder beta.


It didn't take long for the release of the iPad to spurn negative reactions from Apple fans and geeks everywhere. In fact, I heard 80% of the buying public was unimpressed with the iPad. Hitler wasn't impressed either as evident in the Downfall video meme you can watch here. But the best Downfall spin-off yet was when Doug McCune put Hitler in the speaker lineup for CFUnited 2009!


I've been using Google Voice ever since it was Grand Central back in the day. I'm quite fond of the service as it lets me display a phone number on sites like Twitter and Facebook without giving out my mobile number. I also like the call me widget that sits in the right sidebar of this blog. If you'd like to try Google Voice I have three invites I can send out. Warning, I'm going to be a bit stingy with these invites. Since I don't have many I want to make sure the folks I sign up actually use the service. So please don't take it personal if I ask why you want to use the service. In fact, just make it easier on me and with your "sign me up" comment to this blog post tell me why you want in.


A few hours ago Liz Frederick, manager of the Adobe Community Expert program, announced the program name has been changed to Adobe Community Professionals. The history behind the original name and why it has been changed might not be interesting to you, but I'm proud that I was part of the process to help choose a new name. In fact, the entire Adobe Community Experts group was responsible with coming up with candidate program names that were ultimately submitted to Adobe for final approval. I'm quite happy with the new name as I believe it reflects more on what we are tasked to do. Which is...

The Adobe Community Experts Professionals Program is a community based program made up of Adobe customers who share their product expertise with the world-wide Adobe community. The Adobe Community Experts' Professional mission is to provide high caliber peer-to-peer communication educating and improving the product skills of Adobe customers worldwide.

Being an expert in anything is immensely tough to do. In fact, I often argue that there aren't any experts, there are simply people at different stages of understanding and learning. At the moment you consider yourself an expert you're likely to stop working hard, stop investigating, learning, and growing in your field, and ultimately stop being an expert. Being an Adobe Community Professional on the other hand still means you work hard at what you do, you serve as a leader in your online community, and you help others learn and become more skilled by sharing your expertise.

I welcome the switch from expert to professional and am extremely happy to report that my request to stay with the program in 2010 has been accepted. This marks my eighth consecutive year in a program that has gone from Team Macromedia, to Adobe Community Experts, to Adobe Community Professionals. A big "shout out" and thanks to Liz Frederick (Adobe Community Professional Manager), Adam Lehman (ColdFusion Product Manager), Rachel Luxemburg, and the entire ColdFusion team for allowing me to serve the ColdFusion, Flash, and Flex communities yet again.

I also want to send out a hearty welcome to new members of the program! I went through Liz's list and picked out names I a) recognized and b) were new to the program.

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I write many blog posts that instruct readers to press command+this and command+that and for the longest time that's exactly how I wrote them. But isn't it much better to say press ⌘+i or press ⌘+m?

To display the ⌘ symbol online simply use the HTML Entity ⌘. This works in Safari, Chrome, and Firefox, the only browsers I tested. And frankly, the only browsers worth using really.


As of the date/time of this blog post I am no longer supporting Internet Explorer 6. That's right, I've joined the IE6 No More campaign. If you're reading this blog post because you accessed my blog and were redirected here, then you are using an ancient, ancient Web browser and you need an intervention. A nice one. =)

It's time to upgrade. It's time to see the light. It's time to get into the modern age of browsers. So please, take a moment right now to click one of the logos below and download one of the fine browsers out there. If you don't, a litter of puppies will die, a thousand fairies will have their wings pulled off, and a hundred unicorns will perish of african sickness. You don't want all that on you do you?

Update: Over the last several weeks other organizations and countries have announced their lack of support of Internet Explorer 6. All of this is further reason to get a better browser:

  • The French government joins Germany in recommending its citizens use something other than Internet Explorer. http://bit.ly/7Bap4c
  • Google to end support of IE6 on March 1, 2010. http://bit.ly/an3z93
  • From TechCrunch, a funeral is being held for IE6 on March 4. Browser to be buried without the body.
  • From Ars Technica, YouTube to kill IE6 support on March 13, 2010
  • March 4, 2011 - I learned Microsoft has created a site to EOL (end of life) Internet Explorer 6. http://ie6countdown.com
  • Microsoft announces they'll be automatically upgrading Internet Explorer on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. Check out their announcement here.


The Concept of Coworking

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Today I learned the term coworking. According to the coworking Web site the term means:

...a movement to create a community of cafe-like collaboration spaces for developers, writers and independents.

I've been familiar with the idea of friends in local communities sharing workspaces for a number of years. I just hadn't heard it called coworking before today. I don't know the official history of coworking but I suppose it came about due to the growing number of independent workers/freelancers/consultants/contractors. Working on your own is great but is also sucks when you're by yourself all the time. Banding together with other independent workers allows you have an office space of sorts and interact with similar folks. Here's short video of Eddie Codel (Hat Factory) and Sean Savage (PariSoMa) talking about their experience running two coworking spots, followed by a map of some coworking locations in Tennessee.

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I recently configured my iPhone with a new Google Sync account. Using Google Sync requires iPhone 3.0 software and includes advantages like push e-mail and e-mail, calendar, and contact syncing in one setup. The setup uses the Microsoft Exchange account type and allows you to choose what you want to sync. Google Sync works with regular Gmail accounts and Google Apps accounts. For a Google Apps account to work the domain administrator must enable Google sync.

The first day I set up my Google Sync account I noticed my iPhone battery life suffering. Thinking it was an anomaly I ignored it. Now, a week later I'm convinced using Google Sync has dramatically impacted the battery for the worse. I did some research and found a Google help page where they mention Google Sync (ActiveSync) may affect the life of your mobile device battery. Here's a screenshot.

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Are you a programmer? Do you ever work as a consultant? If you answered yes to both of these questions I highly encourage you to read Jesse Warden's latest consulting chronicles blog post. Jesse provides some nice insights on how to be successful at your new consulting gig, how to build trust with other team members and managers, and how to solve difficult problems with good tools and a positive attitude. It's really a great read. If you're busy, e-mail this link to yourself. Otherwise, click over to Jesse's blog now.