If you weren't fortunate enough to attend CFUnited this year you've been given a second chance so-to-speak. Tim Cunningham has posted videos of many of the sessions he attended. You can check out all the videos here, or go straight to my caching talk here.


My CFUnited 2010 presentation materials (slides and code) have been uploaded and are ready for download. If you are interested in learning about new caching features in ColdFusion 9 feel free to hit the download link and view the slides after the break.

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Golf at CFUnited 2010

Posted by Aaron West at 11:21 AM in ColdFusion, CFUnited 2010, Golf

I'm turning what's normally a short two hour flight to D.C. into a two day trek from Nashville to CFUnited by car. I should be arriving at the Lansdowne resort on Monday, July 26 and am interested in playing golf sometime on Tuesday the 27th. I might play an additional round on Saturday too. If you are into golf and you want to play, hit me up by e-mail or post a comment below.


Reading through the CFBloggers feed the other day I noticed the first round of CFUnited 2010 speakers had been announced. I clicked through to the CFUnited blog and noticed my ColdFusion 9 caching submission had been accepted. While it seems like CFUnited 2010 is 9.4605284 × 10^15 meters in the future (points to the first person who knows how long this is) I'm looking forward to the opportunity to attend again. I really enjoyed this years conference which was the first time I had been back to CFUnited since 2006 as well as my first time speaking at the conference. The sessions were great, the food, company, and beer were fantastic and I even found time to play a round of golf with Scott Stroz, Dan Wilson, and Jason Delmore. If CFUnited 2010 is anything like 2009 it will be a conference not to miss.

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