Last week I gave a presentation to the Connecticut ColdFusion User Group (CFUGitives) on integrating BlazeDS and ColdFusion 9. This is the same talk I've given other places without the hands-on aspect. I've zipped up my slides and code and made them available for download here. When you extract the downloaded zip file you should see the following folder structure.

  • /FlashBuilderProject/FlexMessaging.fxp (a full Flash Builder 4 project)
  • /Slides/IntegratingBlazeDS_ColdFusion.pdf (my slides in PDF format)

To get started, import the FlexMessaging.fxp file into Flash Builder 4 as a new Flex project. This will setup nearly every aspect of the project. I typically customize my Flex 3 projects in Flash Builder with two other settings. Right-click on your new project folder and select properties. In the resulting window, select Flex Build Path. Change the Framework linkage setting to "Merged into code" and add an appropriate Output folder URL (this setting is located at the bottom of the window). I put my project in my Web root, so I typically set Output folder URL to "http://localhost/project_name/bin-debug/. Adding this setting will allow you to build the project and run it in your default browser with a localhost URL versus a filesystem specific URL.

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This coming Monday, February 15 I'll be giving my ColdFusion 9 and BlazeDS presentation to the Connecticut ColdFusion User Group. It's all going down online via Adobe Connect so fire up your browser at 6:00pm CST on Monday if you want to be part of the fun. All the relevant meeting info, such as the Adobe Connect URL, is located on the CFUGitives site.

But, here's a quick presentation description:

In this presentation Aaron will show you how ColdFusion 9 and BlazeDS are integrated into one server. Aaron will demonstrate how to build a one-way, real-time messaging application from start to finish, using Flash Builder 4 beta and ColdFusion Builder beta.


I've uploaded all the content for my BFlex 2009 talk on integrating BlazeDS and ColdFusion 9. The download includes my slides, walkthrough instructions, and all the finalized code. Hit the link below to download the zip file and thanks to all those who attended!

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I've finally uploaded my BYOL lab content from Adobe MAX and all the assets are ready for download. My lab was about integrating BlazeDS and ColdFusion 9 and involved constructing an application that used BlazeDS messaging. If you would like to go through all the content simply use the link below to download everything. Here's what's included:

These are the slides from the first 10 minutes of the lab. I build slides with very minimal content, so these won't hold too much value without me talking through them.

This is a 30 page walkthrough PDF that has all the content we went over during the lab. It's written so anyone can read the PDF and go through the steps to build the application using Flash Builder 4 beta and ColdFusion Builder beta without me leading the class. Pay special attention to the setup instructions on page 3 and 4.

This directory has all the walkthrough code used throughout the application. Each walkthrough directory, such as wt-4 has all the code written up to but not including that specific walkthrough. There's also a final application folder that has the full application in a ready to run state. This content is referred to several times throughout the walkthrough PDF.

Download the content here.


Bob Flynn and crew opened registration for BFlex and BFusion 2009 taking place in Bloomington, Indiana for the third straight year. For $10/day you get all you can eat ColdFusion and Flex hands-on training. Let me say that again in case you missed it. Hands. On. Training. BFlex/BFusion isn't your normal conference where a presenter gets up and shows slides and talks for 60 minutes. Each session is 90-minutes and includes hands-on instructions where you "do" instead of just listen. It's great content, great speakers and at $10/day is a downright steal.

I'll be presenting two topics this year. My BFusion talk will center around new caching strategies in ColdFusion 9. We'll go through several exercises where you'll write code using the new features in ColdFusion 9 announced at Adobe MAX in Los Angeles just last week. My BFlex session will be the same one I did as a BYOL (bring your own laptop) lab for Adobe MAX last week. We'll talk about how ColdFusion 9 and BlazeDS are now integrated and we'll build an application using Flash Builder 4 beta and ColdFusion Builder beta that makes use of messaging features built into BlazeDS.

If you are anywhere near the Bloomington area I encourage you to look seriously at this conference. It's a great opportunity to garner some first hand experience with Adobe Flex and Adobe ColdFusion.


I should've posted this weeks ago, especially now that MAX attendees have probably filled up their session schedule. But, I want to quickly plug my session at MAX, Los Angeles. On Monday, October 5 and Wednesday, October 7 I will be giving a 90-minute hands-on BYOL (bring your own laptop) lab titled Integrating BlazeDS and ColdFusion.

BYOL labs are free to all MAX attendees and are a fantastic way to get your hands dirty in a 90-minute (some labs are 3 hours), instructor led course. If you sign up for my course you'll get an opportunity to work with Flash Builder 4 beta, ColdFusion Builder beta, ColdFusion 9, and BlazeDS 3. You'll build a fully functional Flex and HTML application that uses BlazeDS messaging. If you're coming to MAX and you're interested in these technologies sign-up for the lab. There are still slots available but they're going fast!

Finally, I want to thank Yancy Wharton and Rakshith N for agreeing to be teaching assistants during the course.


I've finally gotten around to uploading my CFUnited 2009 slides to my site so folks can download all the assets. Included in the download are PDF versions of all my slides, snippets of all the code used, a Flex Project Archive of the AIR application, and instructions on how to use the code. Just press right here to download everything in a zip file. I've also embedded my slides from SlideSix below or you can click this link to view the slides directly on SlideSix.com.

To all those who attended my presentation, thanks for being a great, captive audience. It was a lot of fun to spend an hour with you doing something I love to do, write code and teach.

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Tomorrow morning the 615Flex group (Nashville Flex User Group) is hosting a Flex/Flash Camp with six speakers giving one hour talks. I'll be giving a presentation on integrating BlazeDS, Flex/AIR, with a little ColdFusion mixed in for fun. After giving an overview of the technology behind BlazeDS and how BlazeDS messaging works I'll dive into the construction of an application in real-time. The app will demonstrate the use of BlazeDS messaging from a browser application to remote AIR clients. Registration for the event is closed but given its a free event I'd be willing to bet we'd find a place for you if you want to come out. More info is here.


Several weeks ago I was talking with Liz Frederick on Twitter about an extended CFUnited call for women speakers. I had missed the original call for speakers so I made a comment about dressing up as a woman and giving a talk on integrating AIR, BlazeDS, and ColdFusion. Liz asked me to submit my topic but I didn't hold my breath it'd be chosen given how last minute it was. Needless to say I was a little surprised today when I received a DM from Liz stating my talk had been chosen.

My session, AIR Messaging: Integrating AIR, BlazeDS, and ColdFusion, might not be as entertaining without me dressed up as a woman, but I promise you'll have a stellar time if you come. You'll learn about BlazeDS and why you should consider using it in your projects. I'll demonstrate the integration of ColdFusion and BlazeDS and I'll build an application, start to finish, that utilizes the BlazeDS messaging service for real-time business communication.

On a slightly off topic note, I might bring along my sticks and hit the links. If you're into golf and you want to play while at CFUnited, hit the Contact Blog Owner link in the footer and send me a message.


A few days ago the latest issue of Flex Authority was released. I wrote an article for the issue (Vol 1 Issue 2) on BlazeDS, Flex/AIR, and ColdFusion integration but it had to be removed due to space issues (yea, it's long). Fortunately, my article fits well with the theme of Vol 2 Issue 1 and it'll be included in both the print and PDF versions when released.

Until then, Judith Dinowitz was kind enough to provide me with a sneak peak of my article that you can download right now. Why wait, click right here to download it. Enjoy!


I've uploaded the supporting application files for my presentation at BFlex yesterday (link below). The download includes a Flex Builder project archive which has all the Flex/AS, ColdFusion, JavaScript, and HTML that are needed to create the AIR messaging application. The zip also includes a PDF with all the steps needed to get up and running with the application. In other words, everything you'd need to build the application from start to finish is included in the download.

Later today or tomorrow I'll blog my thoughts on BFusion and BFlex as I'm trying to pack things up and get on the road for home.

Click the link below to download the files:
AIR Messaging Files


In preparation for my talk at BFlex I've created an Adobe Connect recording that illustrates how to install the binary distribution of BlazeDS on an existing ColdFusion 8 multi-server instance. If you're planning on attending my hands-on talk I would highly recommend you watch this recording and get everything configured properly. If you're just looking for help on BlazeDS and CF8 integration, the demo should help you as well.

Click here to view the 15 minute recording:


I've firmed up the details of my talk at BFlex (in two weeks) and the information should be appearing on the site soon. My talk will be part of the advanced Flex track alongside sessions from Simon Free, Zach Stepek, Mike Labriola, and Kevin Schmidt. Here's the title and description for my session.

AIR Messaging: Integrating AIR, BlazeDS, and ColdFusion

In this session I'll show you how to integrate AIR, BlazeDS, and ColdFusion 8 to create a real-world messaging service. I'll demonstrate how to install BlazeDS and "hook" it to ColdFusion 8 and will walk through building a Flex-based AIR application that communicates with the ColdFusion and BlazeDS server to consume a one-way messaging service.


Last year was the first BFlex event held in Bloomington, Indiana. The folks at the Bloomington Flex User Group, the Indiana University Flash User Group, and the Indiana University Multimedia User Group (all Adobe affiliated) held a fantastic hands-on training event on Adobe Flex. This year they are expanding the training opportunities and including content on ColdFusion.

I'll be attending the event this year as a speaker and assistant. My hands-on talk will be on integrating BlazeDS, ColdFusion, and AIR. Based on last years successful event and the speaker lineup for this year, you can bet this is going to be a great event at an incredible cost, FREE! Yes, 2 days of hands-on ColdFusion and Flex training, all lunches, and some sponsor giveaways and books are ALL free. All you have to do is get yourself to Bloomington, IN.


Next week the Nashville ColdFusion User Group will host a presentation by Andy Matthews on integrating ColdFusion 8 and BlazeDS to create messaging services. If you're one of the many who've been searching for useful information on BlazeDS but haven't found anything, or if you've been wondering what role ColdFusion 8 plays in providing back-end functionality to BlazeDS, you need to attend this meeting.

June 26, 2008 at 6:30pm CDT

404 BNA Dr. Building 200
Suite 600
Nashville, TN 37217