I've finally uploaded my BYOL lab content from Adobe MAX and all the assets are ready for download. My lab was about integrating BlazeDS and ColdFusion 9 and involved constructing an application that used BlazeDS messaging. If you would like to go through all the content simply use the link below to download everything. Here's what's included:

These are the slides from the first 10 minutes of the lab. I build slides with very minimal content, so these won't hold too much value without me talking through them.

This is a 30 page walkthrough PDF that has all the content we went over during the lab. It's written so anyone can read the PDF and go through the steps to build the application using Flash Builder 4 beta and ColdFusion Builder beta without me leading the class. Pay special attention to the setup instructions on page 3 and 4.

This directory has all the walkthrough code used throughout the application. Each walkthrough directory, such as wt-4 has all the code written up to but not including that specific walkthrough. There's also a final application folder that has the full application in a ready to run state. This content is referred to several times throughout the walkthrough PDF.

Download the content here.


Adobe Keynote Day 2

Posted by Aaron West at 12:39 PM in ColdFusion, Adobe MAX 2009, Flex, Flash

Ben Forta is now on stage talking about how incredible yesterday was (I agree). He's asking how cool people thought the different parts of the keynote were. The Flash announcements seemed to get the most applause.

Ben is now demo-ing an iPhone application that is going to allow him to control parts of the stage/screens.

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I should've posted this weeks ago, especially now that MAX attendees have probably filled up their session schedule. But, I want to quickly plug my session at MAX, Los Angeles. On Monday, October 5 and Wednesday, October 7 I will be giving a 90-minute hands-on BYOL (bring your own laptop) lab titled Integrating BlazeDS and ColdFusion.

BYOL labs are free to all MAX attendees and are a fantastic way to get your hands dirty in a 90-minute (some labs are 3 hours), instructor led course. If you sign up for my course you'll get an opportunity to work with Flash Builder 4 beta, ColdFusion Builder beta, ColdFusion 9, and BlazeDS 3. You'll build a fully functional Flex and HTML application that uses BlazeDS messaging. If you're coming to MAX and you're interested in these technologies sign-up for the lab. There are still slots available but they're going fast!

Finally, I want to thank Yancy Wharton and Rakshith N for agreeing to be teaching assistants during the course.