Macromedia Announces Captivate

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Macromedia announced yesterday the new RoboDemo product which is now called Captivate. Captivate allows users to create software demonstrations and simulations. Software demonstrations show the user how to perform a series of tasks instead of forcing them to read text-based instructions. Simulations are sort of glorified demonstrations that include allowing the user to interact with the software in ways that simulate real behavior.

Both of these content types can be created automatically with Macromedia Captivate and can include audio, animation, and scored interaction.

For more information on Macromedia Captivate please view the following links:

Captivate Product Information


Captivate Demonstration by Silke Fleischer, Captivate Product Manager



Macromedia MAX Registration Open

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Macromedia officially opened registration for the annual MAX conference last week. This year MAX is being held November 1 - 4 in New Orleans, LA. I haven't had the opportunity to go to a Macromedia conference but I'm incredibly excited about being able to attend this year. If you register before August 31st the cost of the conference is $895 US. After August 31st the cost increases to $1095 US.

Having already registered and configured my session schedule I can tell you there are a TON of great classes/speakers this year. Several topics revolve around Macromedia's Flex and the upcoming release of ColdFusion dubbed "Blackstone." Of course, they didn't stop there. There's plenty of sessions covering FlashMX 2004 Professional and Rich Internet Applications (RIA's).

I'll be heading to New Orleans a day early to attend Community College, a special event for Team Macromedia participants and User Group Managers.

If you have the money to go, it will surely be worth it. If you register, feel free to drop me a line; I'm looking forward to putting a face with all the names in the community.


Macromedia Community Week!

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Starting yesterday (May 17, 2004) Macromedia is hosting Community Week, an opportunity to learn, network and interact with Macromedia product managers and the customer community. Every day this week there are a series of MacroChats (Breeze presentations) on various Macromedia products. These presentations are designed to educate the community on how to better use products such as FlashMX 2004, DreamweaverMX 2004, ColdFusion MX, and others. Tomorrow, Macromedia will be hosting a Worldwide User Group meeting. To attend this meeting participants must report to their local user group meeting and view the presentation there. For more information on Community Week and the Worldwide meeting please click here.


I attended one of our Team Macromedia online meetings yesterday where Mike Chambers presented on the current state of Macromedia Central. Mike also walked the viewers through the Central development process which included how to build and deploy Central applications. Mike did an excellent job presenting (thanks Mike!) and the presentation is now available to the general public. If you're interested in Macromedia Central I recommend viewing this Breeze presentation.



San Francisco, CA-December 19, 2003-Macromedia, Inc. (Nasdaq: MACR) ) today announced the completion of its acquisition of eHelp Corporation, the market leader in help authoring and Macromedia Flash-based software demonstration. Macromedia previously announced a definitive merger agreement to acquire eHelp on October 22, 2003. By combining the eHelp solutions with the Macromedia authoring family and with business solutions such as Macromedia Breeze, developers will be able to seamlessly create and deliver the rich user assistance and tutorial content that are integral to great digital experiences.


Early this morning Macromedia released a public beta of Macromedia Central. The beta, targeted directly at end-users, is designed to be a sneak peek of Macromedia Central. A public developer beta will begin in coming weeks and is designed for developers who are interested in building Macromedia Central applications. To learn more about Macromedia Central click on any of the following links:


Macromedia Announces MX 2004

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As of this morning, August 24, 2003, Macromedia has announced the latest generation of Web development products known as MX 2004. With changes made to Macromedia's entire lineup of Web development tools, developers and designers are sure to find something worth talking about. Without delaying your interest any longer, here are some links I've picked off their site. Choose your poison, and learn more about Macromedia MX 2004.


Ultrashock.com interviewed Ben Forta at CF_Europe 2003 asking questions about the past, present, and future of Macromedia, ColdFusion, and Flash. Click here to check out the interview.


Contribute Playground

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When you don't have a full-time job you find yourself with a little extra time. A friend and I have collaborated on a small project to put Macromedia's Contribute through its paces. In an effort to do this, we downloaded the trial version of the software and set up a "playground" of sorts off of my Web site. I created a sample Web site by hand-coding the HTML in ColdFusion Studio. I then uploaded the site to my domain and configured Contribute to work with the site. Next, Michael and I made some changes (from our respective homes) to the site by using only what's available in Contribute. We didn't touch a bit of code, we didn't edit a stylesheet, and we didn't have to launch an FTP client to upload our changes. While Contribute has a relatively small target audience it does what it is designed to do very very well. I will highly consider using it on any future static Web sites that I develop or deploy. Has it lived up to its promise and ended the hassle? For the right set of users the answer is: "Definitely."


Macromedia Releases DRK Vol. 2

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Macromedia has released volume 2 of the Developers Resource Kit. The kit, selling for $99, is chock full of stuff to help web designers and developers. Included in the kit are the following (and more). For more information click the link at the bottom of this entry.

  • Flash UI Component Set 4
    • Rich Text Editor
    • Smart Combo Box
    • Advanced Calendar
    • Color Picker
  • Dreamweaver MX Extensions
    • SQL Reference Extension
    • PHP User Authentication Extension
    • Batch Spell Check Extension
  • Sample Applications
    • Pet Market Blueprint Application
    • MyPhoto
  • ..and more..

Click here for more information.


Webmonkey sends me their daily newsletter which lists weekly articles written by the staff and or people in the industry. Some of the things they send out make for an interesting read while other things are hardly worth the time. If you are interested in Macromedia's Contribute, check out Webmonkey's article on the product. You'll walk away with a basic knowledge of what the product is and who it was created for.


Macromedia unveils "Contribute"

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It's 12am CST and I've just finished attending the private web cast for Macromedia's Contribute. What can I say, I'm excited about this product and I think it will do well for what it is designed to do. Contribute is basically a content editing program that allows non-technical people to update, edit, and otherwise create new pages on web sites. No HTML experience is required and according to Macromedia users will be up and running in minutes. Connecting to a file server (where a particular web site is located) via LAN or FTP, Contribute allows any person to modify existing web pages, or create new web pages on web sites in which they have access. Featuring such capabilities as drag-and-drop editing this product should alleviate some of the stress that both webmasters and general users experience in keeping sites updated. Check out Macromedia's Contribute product page here.

Also, read the just released news item on C|Net's web site.


MX Product Family

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Need to know how to turn off directory browsing on the web server that ships with ColdFusionMX? Perhaps the default port of 8500 is not to your liking. Check out the following article for information on how to configure the built in web server.

Configuring the Macromedia ColdFusion MX built-in web server


Macromedia has also released Flash Communication Server MX. This new product brings real-time chat, video conferencing, real-time collaboration, and other streaming capabilities to the Flash player. You can read about the product, check out the top 10 reasons to buy, and download the trial version of the software here: http://www.macromedia.com/software/flashcom/.