The Adobe Connect team has announced the availability of Acrobat Connect Pro Mobile. I just downloaded (iTunes link) and installed the app and it's pretty cool. For me, it's cool because it was built using betas of CS5 and the new compile to native iPhone app functionality. But, it is hard for me to see how the app will be used to attend presentations. I created a new room using the Nashville ColdFusion User Group Connect Pro account and then logged into the meeting with my iPhone 3GS. When I shared my screen from my MacBook Pro I was able to see the screen on my iPhone but there was no detail and the resolution was so small I could barely see what was going on. As I moved windows around on my desktop it took a good 10-15 seconds before the change showed up on my iPhone. Admittedly, this delay could be due to the poor Internet connection I was connected to. In short, the app works but I'm not sure how practical it is. Hit the link below to continue reading what the Adobe Connect team has to say about this new application. Or, you can click here to watch a quick demo video of the application in use on iPhone.

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Did you know any member of an Adobe user group can get 20% off all products sold in the Adobe store? This promotion has been running for a little while and has been extended through May 31, 2009. If you are a member of a user group and want to make use of this offer simply contact your user group manager for details. Or, you can also contact me using the Contact Blog Owner link in the footer. The 20% discount will be applied to one online order and can only be used one time per member. Thanks to Adobe for making this offer available!


When it comes to Adobe's Lightroom photography software I consider myself a super noob. I've been using it for over a year now but I'm still learning new things every few weeks. Yesterday I upgraded to version 2 and quickly discovered Lightroom can now run as a 64-bit application. Supported operating systems include Mac OS X 10.5.x and Windows Vista (64-bit).

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Adobe MAX 2008 Videos

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I'm totally reposting parts of Sumi Lim's e-mail to the Adobe Community Experts and User Group Managers, but here are some MAX recap videos for those (like me) that weren't able to make the conference.

MAX 2008: Adobe kicks off Day 1 in San Francisco (keynote highlights and commentary from attendees)

What was your geek-out moment of the day? (Day 1)

MAX 2008: From Adobe Flash Catalyst to Adobe CS4, see highlights from Day 2 (keynote highlights and commentary from attendees)

What was your geek-out moment of the day (Day 2)

MAX Award in the Best Advertising and Branding category: The Happiness Factory

Try the Happiness Factory here.

MAX Aware in the Best Enterprise Application category: NASDAQ Market Replay

Download NASDAQ Market Replay here.


If you've been to any MAX conference in the past 3 years you've heard of, and hopefully used, the IntroNetworks application. IntroNetworks is a community-based application with all sorts of features enabling you to get in touch with other developers and designers in the Adobe community. You can search for folks who are interested in the same things as you, have similar personalities, and more. There's an events calendar that will be listing major Adobe events you need to know about. There's a personal calendar and messaging system built right in that allows you to communicate with other people using the application.

The IntroNetworks application has been rolled into a new online offering from the Adobe Developer Relations team. You can sign up for an account and access the online ADC app by pointing your browser here http://adc.intronetworks.com/.

You can also read the ADC blog to learn about new content in the developer center as well as general development news within Adobe communities.


Adobe MAX 2008 is likely to be bigger and better than ever this year; it sold out last year! Registration for this years MAX, taking place in San Francisco November 16-19, is now open. Here's the blurb on the registration home page (link below):

Adobe MAX 2008 will bring together forward-thinking designers, developers, and decision-makers interested in shaping the future of engaging experiences.

Attend MAX to gain a competitive edge through intensive skills development and unique networking opportunities. Discover the tools and training you need to create compelling engaging experiences across multiple media, including web, video, and devices.

Over 200 sessions and 50 labs
Regardless of your place in the greater Adobe ecosystem, MAX 2008 offers an unrivaled opportunity to broaden your expertise and hatch new ideas. Choose from over 200 sessions and 50 labs held in three tracks: Envision, Design, and Develop. Industry leaders and Adobe experts will offer everything from highly technical skills development to insightful discussions on our industry's future.



Last night, at the Adobe Community Summit welcome reception Rachel Luxemburg was introduced as the new user group manager for Developer Relations at Adobe. Rachel replaces Ed Sullivan who has been an amazing manager in this role for many years. Ed is a stalwart in the Adobe community and will continue working with the community in his new role in Developer Relations.

Rachel hails from New York City but currently lives in CA. She's an avid blogger and twitterer and has been a ColdFusion user as well.

Please give Rachel a warm welcome to Adobe and the Adobe community.


The proclamation from Steve Jobs that the iPhone will not support the Flash Player, either in it's full desktop player form or Flash Lite, has led many to examine the motivations behind Apple's stance.

Personally, I think this is all just saber-rattling. The most compelling argument I've seen thus far - on why Apple doesn't want Flash on the iPhone - has nothing to do with the security of the Flash player or it's robustness on a mobile platform. Apple wants to control and protect the development channels on the iPhone. They want a say in who builds applications and what those applications are. Furthermore, they have no interest in proliferating the Flash Player's reach within the mobile and devices space. That wouldn't help the advancement of Silverlight at all now would it?

For more on this topic see the links below (posted in no particular order).

CNN's coverage (w/ comment from Ryan Stewart):

Marketwatch's coverage:

Robert Scoble on Apple/Job's declaration of no Flash on iPhone:

John Gruber on this topic (more detail on Apple protecting the iPhone dev environment):

Ryan Stewart says the Flash Player is coming to iPhone (background info only):

Larry Dignan on Apple vs. Adobe iPhone Spat (background info only):


Why 30onAIR?

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Adobe announces the latest version of Flash Media Server today.

Adobe Systems Incorporated today announced the Adobe Flash Media Server 3 family of products, which offers streaming media and real-time communication capabilities to the broadest possible audience. With industry standard H.264 video capabilities and High Efficiency AAC (HE-AAC) audio support, Adobe Flash Media Server 3 provides content owners with increased protection for streaming high quality video and allows for the delivery of interactive media applications that work consistently across multiple browsers and operating systems. Adobe Flash Media Server 3 provides a more efficient instant-on video experience virtually anytime, anywhere - to the Web, the desktop with Adobe Media Player and to mobile devices with Adobe Flash Lite 3. With new pricing options, customers have a wide array of choices for the broadcasting of high quality streaming media experiences.

The full press release is here. For specific product related information, visit the Flash Media Server product page.


Two developers on my team have recently taken (and passed) the ColdFusion MX 7 certification exam. Discussing the exam with them afterwords, both wished they could review their missed questions before leaving the exam. Sadly, Macromedia, nor Adobe have ever set this up. I've tried to figure out why over the past couple of years and have never been given a definitive answer. It would certainly help the developer know what they need to work on in the future.

Worse than Adobe not having a "missed questions review" are developers who don't leave comments during the last portion of the exam. If there are things during the exam you think are "iffy" - like questions that are overly ambiguous - you should leave comments indicating as much. How is Adobe supposed to make the exam better if you don't indicate what you liked and disliked? And if you think they should allow you to review your missed questions, then let them know. I guess this is akin to Tom Cruise's line in Jerry Maguire: "Help me, help you - help me, help you."


Adobe has announced the release of a beta version of Photoshop CS3. This new version will make its way onto Labs (labs.adobe.com) sometime within the next few hours (12/15/2006). Until then, you can read the press release located here.


HostMySite is offering ColdFusion User Groups free shared Web hosting accounts! I've been with HMS for a little over a year. I've certainly had my share of issues but overall HMS provides excellent hosting services for a good price. FREE sites for CF user groups is an even better deal! To get your free hosting account you must be the manager of a ColdFusion user group. Just call 1.877.215.4678 to get signed up. And please, if you call as a result of reading this post, mention my name when you speak to them!


It's been nothing short of a stellar week. So many kudos need to be given to all the folks that made this week possible. Ed Sullivan and Christine Lawson for their tireless efforts running the user group and Adobe Community Expert programs (and Ed for spearheading this entire event - I can't express the gratitude), James Talbot, for teaching two absolutely amazing days on Flex, Rob Rusher for helping out as a teaching assistant and Kevin Lynch, Ben Forta, Scott Fegette, Mike Chambers and all the other speakers, and all the UGM's and Adobe Community Experts for participating and making the socializing an event to remember.

I'm now packing up in the hotel at The Fairmont preparing for a few hours of sleep before a 6:30am flight back to Nash-vegas. I'm ultra-exhausted, so I'm going to wait until tomorrow to post a longer follow-up on the week. I hope all those that attended have safe travel back home and I can't wait to see you all again soon.


Adobe has posted the July version of the Edge newsletter complete with a new CSS design that is slick while being super simple. You can read the issue online or subscribe to have it delivered to your inbox. Featured in the current issue are Ben Forta's Top 10 Reason's to attend MAX, R Blank's How the Web is changing Hollywood, and Jason Brightman's Small Web team develops big-time magazine site among others. Check it out.