I'm not quite sure what MAX will stand for now that there is no Macromedia, but Adobe has announced the conference will be taking place this year and in Las Vegas no less. Sweet, even if I do get to go (baby is due 2 weeks before MAX), I'll surely get nothing done in a party town like Vegas.

Before you go hitting up the Max info page, Adobe has not updated it to reflect the details for 2006. I only know about this through Ben Forta's blog and the Adobe Community Expert lists. The dates for the conference are October 22 - 26. I'll post more details as they are available.


Mike Chambers, over at Macromedia, has graciously set-up a Flash Web blog for all the members of Team Macromedia Flash. It is designed as a central location for all TMM-Flash designers and developers to post code hints, snippets, and anything related to Flash. It's just started up, but should soon be a great resource for all things Flash from the experts in the field.

I'm not "officially" a member of TMM-Flash as I serve with the TMM-ColdFusion group. However, I do so much with the Flash community at large that I participate in the group unofficially. You'll be seeing posts from me over at the TMM-Flash Web log shortly. Enjoy!


Team Macromedia Bio

Posted by Aaron West at 3:44 PM in Adobe Community Experts

After being on the team for nearly six months, Macromedia has finally published my bio page. Much to my surprise, some of the information they were sent didn't make it to the bio. I guess I can't complain since it is finally up.

You can check it out here: