Best Hello World Ever!

Posted by Aaron West at 4:28 PM in Personal

Even the best Hello World programs have nothing on this version. Everyone, meet Sam West. Right now he's in China but we hope to bring him home before Christmas.

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14 Responses to Best Hello World Ever!

  1. Congrats!!

  2. Shawn Oden's Gravatar Shawn Oden

    Congrats, Aaron!

  3. Tim's Gravatar Tim

    That's just awesome!

  4. Rick Mason's Gravatar Rick Mason


    Congratulations! My sister and her husband have adopted two girls from China. It is a very positive life altering event for the entire family.

  5. joshua Cyr's Gravatar joshua Cyr

    Beautiful. Congrats. Another Sam!

  6. Tremendous news, congrats Aaron!!

  7. For sure it is the Best Hello Ever! It is awesome and i think it will be one of your best "life projects".


  8. This little man means business. Hope you're getting ready.

  9. Michael Zock's Gravatar Michael Zock

    Cute kid. Congratulations!

    Looks like you'll even get to skip the part about sleepless nights. ;)

  10. John Skrotzki's Gravatar John Skrotzki

    Congrats! I agree BEST Hello World!

  11. Woot!! Congratulations Aaron!!

  12. James, F.E.'s Gravatar James, F.E.


  13. Thanks everyone for the congrats. We are obviously super excited as this has been in the works for a while and we've been anxious to share the news.

  14. thats wonderful to hear! i hope it all works out!

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