My Review of Evil Plans by Hugh MacLeod

Posted by Aaron West at 10:58 AM in Books

Hugh MacLeod's latest book, Evil Plans: Having Fun on the Road to World Domination was recommended to me last week so I purchased the Kindle edition. It's a short book (192 pages) I was able to knock out in four days. I do recommend the book but don't expect to be given a step-by-step list of todos to create your own Evil Plan. More of my thoughts are after the break.

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3 Responses to My Review of Evil Plans by Hugh MacLeod

  1. David

    Aaron, I'm going to put this on my reading list. I'm interested in reading about the "Avoid "complicated" like the plague. "

    I feel that we, in I.T., are served up "complicated" in the guise of "simple" all the time. It's up to us to work our magic and make complicated look simple - if we're doing it right, that is!

    Simplicity is hard to achieve in life, as well as work.

  2. @David - You're spot on. Here's another post of mine about this very subject (in case you haven't read it). It's quite humorous.


  3. David

    Yeah, I think it's like a bell curve - you start out thinking "that's simple", match each new complexity with an equal complexity, and if you're patient enough, bring it back down to a simple level. Not everyone gets to the the final part, you have to be willing to admit you were wrong all along, scrap what you've done and start all over. Sometimes, by that stage, it's all done!