I drove to Columbia (south of Nashville) yesterday to participate in a Trek demo day. This is where biking enthusiasts can test ride the latest Trek bikes in the woods and on the street.

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  1. Aaron, I was riding some trails on my Trek yesterday and I thought of this post. Specifically the part where you compared riding the 29er to your sportbike. I actually find myself riding the Superfly a lot more like my sportbike than with my previous bike.

    I really notice this when I'm cornering, and its a sensation thats hard to describe. On the racetrack as I approach a turn on the motorcycle I weight the front wheel with the brakes. As the bike starts to lean into the turn theres a point where you can feel the front end "stick" into the turn and pull you through the turn, almost like its on rails. This is a feeling I never had on a mountain bike before until the Superfly. However, on this bike I get almost the exact same feeling as I'm going through a turn aggressively. I kind of put my weight forward to load the shock and I can feel the tire stick and pull me through.

    Another thing I've noticed is I use more body english as I'm going through a turn, a lot like my motorcycle. On my old bike I was dead center through most turns, if not the front wheel would break traction on me (prob because of the cheap fork that was on it). On this bike I can lean into a turn a lot like my bike and really carry a lot of momentum through a turn. To sum it up, I absolutely love my Superfly, its best money I've spent in a long time!

    I hope you're having a good riding season so far.