Quick Update on BFlex 2010

Posted by Aaron West at 8:24 AM in Presentations, Adobe AIR, Flex

A few things have changed with BFlex over the last week that have led me to pick up an Adobe AIR session I wasn't originally slated to teach. Other than the illustrious Simon Free's AIR session on mobile development, my session will be the only one focused on Adobe's Integrated Runtime. The downside (if there is one) to this schedule change is I don't have a specific session prepared yet. If you are going to be at BFlex I would love to hear your ideas for a hands-on session written for intermediate developers.

Here are a few ideas from myself and my twitter followers, feel free to provide your thoughts in the comments:

--creating an awesome AIR application updater that includes a force update feature
--creating screenshots of specific parts of an app and providing drag-and-drop to desktop functionality
--using the file promises API in AIR 2 to write remote files to disk
--something else AIR 2 related (native processes, etc.)

Finally, if you haven't seen the new BFlex/BFusion site (powered by Mura) released today, go check it out.

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