I was super excited to learn the folks at Agile Web Solutions have released a beta version of 1Password for Android. As a new user to the Android platform and a long-time user of 1Password, I'm glad I won't have to convert my password database to something other than 1Password just for use on Android.

For the time being the only information on this beta release is in the Agile Web Solutions forum. There you'll find information on installing 1Password from the Android Marketplace and copying your password data from your computer to your Android device.

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  1. Hmm, maybe I'm missing something but I don't see anything about Android on their website. Do you have a specific link by any chance?

  2. TomasF

    Just search for it on Market :)

  3. @Erich - As TomasF mentioned you just search for 1Password in the Android Marketplace app on your device. I included a link in this blog post that will take you to the 1Password forums where complete instructions on installing the app can be found.