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Yesterday, Dan Wilson blogged about his Web site statistics and how Linux was less than 1% behind Macintosh in his visitor stats. He asked what trends others were seeing so I thought I'd post the same stats he did. After the break you will see a screenshot from Google Analytics of the operating system statistics for aaronwest.net from June 19 - July 19, 2010.

I check my stats often so I wasn't surprised to see Mac at 39% and Windows at 50%. I blog regularly about Apple products and technology. In fact, my most viewed blog post is about discovering a fix for a Time Machine failure. My most commented blog post is about sharing a MobileMe calendar with Macs and iPhones.

What might be surprising is the iPhone operating system coming in third place. Given I blog a bit about Linux I'd think the Linux OS would outpace iPhone in visits.

Here are some other statistics not shown in the screenshot:

Browsers: Firefox (34.18%), Safari (27.81%), Chrome (22.32%)
Flash versions: 10.1.r53 (47.84%), 10.0.r45 (22.83%), "not set" (11.91%)
Mobile devices: iPhone (44.99%), iPad (26.18%), Android (24.60%)
Java support: Yes (83.70%), No (16.30%)

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