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I put off buying a Kindle for a long time as I wasn't sure I would like the device and I was worried about vendor lock in with Amazon. I regret that decision now. I should've bought my Kindle 2 sooner. Over the last few months I've been enjoying reading on my Kindle 2. I devoured Stephen King's Under the Dome, a massive book at 1,088 pages, as well as the free autobiography of Benjamin Franklin and the new release from the 37signals team, Rework. In addition to books I've loaded several PDFs onto my Kindle such as the definitive guide to Apache Hadoop and Google's paper on Bigtable. Since I've spent a fair amount of time with my Kindle I feel qualified to write about what I like and dislike. Continue reading after the break.

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4 Responses to My Review of the Kindle 2

  1. Thanks for the review, Aaron. I have been taking a serious look at both the Kindle and the Nook, now I think I am learning more towards the Kindle.

    Over the years I have ended up losing most of my books, casualties of natural disasters and moving several times a year. It would be nice to have one safe place for them all.

  2. Gerald Smith

    Nice review.

    I enjoy your writing style. Maybe a little too much, could you experiment with some longer pieces maybe? Seems like you're trying too hard to be "internet terse "


  3. You might find this A List Apart article interesting . . . Web Standards for E-Books ( In it he talks a bit about page numbering. Also check out the comments . . . there's some more interesting information there. I agree with you about ebooks and I think this will quite a big step forward, especially when prices become more reasonable that everybody can afford to buy an ebook reader.

  4. @Lola - Thank you for posting the link to the A List Apart article. I will definitely check that out and maybe gain some understanding on why page numbering isn't more prevalent in e-readers.