It didn't take long for the release of the iPad to spurn negative reactions from Apple fans and geeks everywhere. In fact, I heard 80% of the buying public was unimpressed with the iPad. Hitler wasn't impressed either as evident in the Downfall video meme you can watch here. But the best Downfall spin-off yet was when Doug McCune put Hitler in the speaker lineup for CFUnited 2009!

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2 Responses to You Were Unimpressed With the iPad? So Was Hitler

  1. Sadly this is only funny for those who dont speak a word of German. I would definiftely found this funny a few years ago but now that I am pretty fluent in German it begs a german voice over to go with the subtitle...

  2. Oh I agree Gary, if you speak German, then hearing a language you understand and reading a different language would take away the hilarity. But, I don't get what you mean when you say the video needs a German voiceover to go with the subtitle.