The Adobe Connect team has announced the availability of Acrobat Connect Pro Mobile. I just downloaded (iTunes link) and installed the app and it's pretty cool. For me, it's cool because it was built using betas of CS5 and the new compile to native iPhone app functionality. But, it is hard for me to see how the app will be used to attend presentations. I created a new room using the Nashville ColdFusion User Group Connect Pro account and then logged into the meeting with my iPhone 3GS. When I shared my screen from my MacBook Pro I was able to see the screen on my iPhone but there was no detail and the resolution was so small I could barely see what was going on. As I moved windows around on my desktop it took a good 10-15 seconds before the change showed up on my iPhone. Admittedly, this delay could be due to the poor Internet connection I was connected to. In short, the app works but I'm not sure how practical it is. Hit the link below to continue reading what the Adobe Connect team has to say about this new application. Or, you can click here to watch a quick demo video of the application in use on iPhone.

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  1. I think just having the audio at least would be useful sometimes. Hopefully there is a way to disable the video, because it sounds like its not very useful anyway and freeing up the bandwidth might make the audio portion run better.

  2. I suppose if you needed to attend a really important Connect meeting and you were going to be remote, having only the audio would be a worthwhile compromise to having no exposure to the meeting. Good point Ryan. It'll be interesting to see how this app is used over the next several months.