Last week I gave a presentation to the Connecticut ColdFusion User Group (CFUGitives) on integrating BlazeDS and ColdFusion 9. This is the same talk I've given other places without the hands-on aspect. I've zipped up my slides and code and made them available for download here. When you extract the downloaded zip file you should see the following folder structure.

  • /FlashBuilderProject/FlexMessaging.fxp (a full Flash Builder 4 project)
  • /Slides/IntegratingBlazeDS_ColdFusion.pdf (my slides in PDF format)

To get started, import the FlexMessaging.fxp file into Flash Builder 4 as a new Flex project. This will setup nearly every aspect of the project. I typically customize my Flex 3 projects in Flash Builder with two other settings. Right-click on your new project folder and select properties. In the resulting window, select Flex Build Path. Change the Framework linkage setting to "Merged into code" and add an appropriate Output folder URL (this setting is located at the bottom of the window). I put my project in my Web root, so I typically set Output folder URL to "http://localhost/project_name/bin-debug/. Adding this setting will allow you to build the project and run it in your default browser with a localhost URL versus a filesystem specific URL.

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If you'd like to watch the presentation recording just click this link.

Here are the slides embedded from SlideSix:

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3 Responses to Slides and Code - My CFUGitives Presentation

  1. It was a great presentation, thanks again Aaron

  2. Kamran

    Hi Aaron,

    Do you know how to configure BlazeDS with Coldfusion 9 running as Jrun?


  3. @Kamran, ColdFusion 9 ships with BlazeDS already installed and ready to go. This was not the case with ColdFusion 8 where you had to manually install BlazeDS.

    If you are on ColdFusion 9 you can make use of BlazeDS out of the box. Of course, you will likely need to configure your channels/endpoints in the BlazeDS configuration files. The XML config files are located in the directory: cf_install_location/cfusion-ear/cfusion-war/WEB-INF/flex.