Macworld published a blog post about New Year's resolutions for photographers (link below). I read through the post and noted the things I've been trying lately with my Canon 60D. I've had success expanding my photography skills with the following:

  • Fill the frame with your subject.
  • Try packing only an unfamiliar and limited lens and shoot with it all day. A 50mm or macro lens, for example.
  • Resist using a flash in low light.
  • Share your shots: Don't keep all those great new photos to yourself. Post them on Flickr, Picasa, MobileMe, Smugmug, or any other sharing site. Join a photography group and get feedback.
  • Bend your knees--don't shoot every image from eye level.
The Macworld article is here.

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3 Responses to New Year's Resolutions for Photographers

  1. michele

    Glad you are lovin' your 60D, can't wait until I can upgrade from my 20D.

    With your 50mm you shouldn't need your flash for low light, you just need to adjust your ISO. :) I hope you are loving that lens, it's become my favorite.

    Also, don't just bend your knees... get down on the ground. I take a lot of shots laying/lying on the ground. BTW, this is key to photographing kids.

    And don't be afraid to climb on things... chairs, rocks, etc. get the odd angle. One example... I went barefoot in a BAR just so I could climb on something to get a good shot of the band. It was well worth it.

    P.S. The Flash is evil!

  2. Michele, thanks for the comments. I'm definitely digging the 60D, though I don't think I've tapped it's full potential yet. Regarding the 50mm and low light... the camera itself is excellent in low light situations. No matter what lens I've had attached I've stayed away from the built-in flash. One camera mode I've been using a lot on the 60D is the "no flash" mode. I haven't read the manual but I think this is pretty much an all automatic mode that disables the built-in flash. This mode, in conjunction with the 50mm makes for some great pictures.

    The video mode on the 60D is quite nice but it's difficult to use. There's no automatic refocus built in and if you press the shutter button to refocus the subject you'll see and hear the focus action in the video afterwards. This pretty much forces you to set your lens to manual and deal with focus on your own. And that's not easy to do with fast subjects like kids.

    I agree, flash is evil unless you have a nice setup such as a 480ex or 580ex and the speedlite remote transmitter. There are some awesome photos on Flickr with this type of set up.

  3. HI Aaron,

    The 60D is a great camera. Ihave been using Canon EOS camers for many years now and have never had a single regret. May I suggest two links for you to check.


    I'm looking forward to getting the 5D Mark III.