I recently configured my iPhone with a new Google Sync account. Using Google Sync requires iPhone 3.0 software and includes advantages like push e-mail and e-mail, calendar, and contact syncing in one setup. The setup uses the Microsoft Exchange account type and allows you to choose what you want to sync. Google Sync works with regular Gmail accounts and Google Apps accounts. For a Google Apps account to work the domain administrator must enable Google sync.

The first day I set up my Google Sync account I noticed my iPhone battery life suffering. Thinking it was an anomaly I ignored it. Now, a week later I'm convinced using Google Sync has dramatically impacted the battery for the worse. I did some research and found a Google help page where they mention Google Sync (ActiveSync) may affect the life of your mobile device battery. Here's a screenshot.

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5 Responses to Google Sync + iPhone = Battery Killer

  1. @Aaron:

    If you got to the "Advanced" option at the bottom of the screen, you can set apps with different options. You can set each app to use either Push, Fetch or manual. This means you should be able to set Google Sync to manual, without affecting your other apps.

  2. @Dan - Yup! I talked about that setting in the blog post and mentioned that I didn't try it. But thanks for the heads up anyhow.

  3. FYI - I just updated the post with information on how my iPhone battery life has been without Google Sync.

  4. nozebleed

    "Fetching" is much different than "Push". your argument is flawed

  5. Jo Jo

    Thanks for the step by step. I did not want the google sync and I sure did not want anything more drawing on my battery. Now works just the way I wanted it.