I've been using Google Voice ever since it was Grand Central back in the day. I'm quite fond of the service as it lets me display a phone number on sites like Twitter and Facebook without giving out my mobile number. I also like the call me widget that sits in the right sidebar of this blog. If you'd like to try Google Voice I have three invites I can send out. Warning, I'm going to be a bit stingy with these invites. Since I don't have many I want to make sure the folks I sign up actually use the service. So please don't take it personal if I ask why you want to use the service. In fact, just make it easier on me and with your "sign me up" comment to this blog post tell me why you want in.

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6 Responses to Would You Like to Try Google Voice?

  1. Am I really the first one to comment? I'll fess up: not having had a Google Voice account I don't really know much about it, but I want to *learn*. Is that a good enough reason to grant me one? If not, how about this: people might stop making fun of me for not having a Google Voice account if I get one.


  2. I would use the invite to to forward my three phone lines into one, and have it convert the voice messages to text stream and email me a transcription because I'm currently deaf from listening to too much of Thriving Ivory. :)

  3. @Bob - Whew, I was beginning to think everyone on the planet had GV and no one needed it. That would've been such a surprised given how much I hear people wishing they had an account. As soon as I finish writing this comment I'll shoot your invite to the same e-mail you used to post your comment.

    @Robert - You're tugging at my heart strings man! You must've read my post about Thriving Ivory and know I'm a big fan of theirs. Plus, you describe using the main features of GV. Do you want me to send the invite to the same e-mail address (Earthlink) you used to post your comment?

  4. JV

    Never heard of googlevoice until reading your blog. Like googlewave, it's by invitation only. I'm wondering if it'll ever be open tot he public.

  5. @JV - When Google bought Grand Central, the original product name, they only brought on Grand Central customers as Google Voice customers. The product is now essentially in alpha stage. But, knowing how Google works with alphas/betas you should infer it is a solid product. They will definitely open it up to the public and will likely at that point charge a fee for the server (or parts of the service).

    BTW, for folks reading this I still have or two invites left.

  6. JV

    Well hook a brotha up man!