A few hours ago Liz Frederick, manager of the Adobe Community Expert program, announced the program name has been changed to Adobe Community Professionals. The history behind the original name and why it has been changed might not be interesting to you, but I'm proud that I was part of the process to help choose a new name. In fact, the entire Adobe Community Experts group was responsible with coming up with candidate program names that were ultimately submitted to Adobe for final approval. I'm quite happy with the new name as I believe it reflects more on what we are tasked to do. Which is...

The Adobe Community Experts Professionals Program is a community based program made up of Adobe customers who share their product expertise with the world-wide Adobe community. The Adobe Community Experts' Professional mission is to provide high caliber peer-to-peer communication educating and improving the product skills of Adobe customers worldwide.

Being an expert in anything is immensely tough to do. In fact, I often argue that there aren't any experts, there are simply people at different stages of understanding and learning. At the moment you consider yourself an expert you're likely to stop working hard, stop investigating, learning, and growing in your field, and ultimately stop being an expert. Being an Adobe Community Professional on the other hand still means you work hard at what you do, you serve as a leader in your online community, and you help others learn and become more skilled by sharing your expertise.

I welcome the switch from expert to professional and am extremely happy to report that my request to stay with the program in 2010 has been accepted. This marks my eighth consecutive year in a program that has gone from Team Macromedia, to Adobe Community Experts, to Adobe Community Professionals. A big "shout out" and thanks to Liz Frederick (Adobe Community Professional Manager), Adam Lehman (ColdFusion Product Manager), Rachel Luxemburg, and the entire ColdFusion team for allowing me to serve the ColdFusion, Flash, and Flex communities yet again.

I also want to send out a hearty welcome to new members of the program! I went through Liz's list and picked out names I a) recognized and b) were new to the program.

Nick Kwiatkowski
John Mason

After Effects
Elaine Montoya

Lisa Heselton

Andy Allan
Cutter Blades (recommended by me! yay Cutter!)
Mike Brunt
Jeff Coughlin
Josh Cyr
Jason Dean
Steven Erat
Marc Esher
Sam Farmer
Dave Ferguson
Charlie Griefer
Mike Henke
Russ Johnson
Kai Koenig
Bill Shelton
Scott Stroz
Adam Tuttle
Dan Vega

Flash Platform
Brajeshwar Oinam

RIA Flash Platform
Scott Janousek
Guy Watson

Laura Arguello
Leif Wells
Marco Casario
Andrew Powell
Chris Scott

Kevin Stohlmeyer

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9 Responses to The Adobe Community Expert Program is Back, With a New Name

  1. Well put, re: the notion of "experts". And congrats on your 8th year!

  2. Yeah, congrats Aaron!


  3. Thanks gents!

  4. Though I'm happy to see her name the ACP team, my friend Lisa Heselton made it in for Captivate, not ColdFusion. :)

  5. Thanks Brian. You found one of my many "copy-paste-forgot-to-change" typos. It's fixed now.

  6. Congratulations to all, and I must say I like the new name. This is my first time being with the program, and I am quite excited!

  7. @Adam - Welcome aboard!

  8. Hey - Congrats!

  9. @Aaron,

    Thanks for the congrats (and back at ya), and thanks for the nomination