I write many blog posts that instruct readers to press command+this and command+that and for the longest time that's exactly how I wrote them. But isn't it much better to say press ⌘+i or press ⌘+m?

To display the ⌘ symbol online simply use the HTML Entity ⌘. This works in Safari, Chrome, and Firefox, the only browsers I tested. And frankly, the only browsers worth using really.

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4 Responses to How to Display the Apple/Command Key Symbol in Text

  1. Not that I disagree with your assessment of worthwhile browsers in the least, but for giggles I checked on IE 8/Win 7, and it displays fine :)

  2. @Charlie - Thanks for the comment. I don't have any versions of IE to test on (I'm Mac only) and I didn't think about using BrowserLab from Adobe when I wrote the post. I did however use BrowserLab to test my IE6NoMore code which I implemented this weekend.

  3. For what it's worth, it doesn't display correctly in the (webkit based) browser on android 1.5 (hero)

  4. @Daniel, what does it look like? I don't have an Android phone I could use to test. So even I could find a solution online I wouldn't know if it was working. You'd think since it displays fine in Safari (which is webkit) it'd display okay on Android's browser.