As of the date/time of this blog post I am no longer supporting Internet Explorer 6. That's right, I've joined the IE6 No More campaign. If you're reading this blog post because you accessed my blog and were redirected here, then you are using an ancient, ancient Web browser and you need an intervention. A nice one. =)

It's time to upgrade. It's time to see the light. It's time to get into the modern age of browsers. So please, take a moment right now to click one of the logos below and download one of the fine browsers out there. If you don't, a litter of puppies will die, a thousand fairies will have their wings pulled off, and a hundred unicorns will perish of african sickness. You don't want all that on you do you?

Update: Over the last several weeks other organizations and countries have announced their lack of support of Internet Explorer 6. All of this is further reason to get a better browser:

  • The French government joins Germany in recommending its citizens use something other than Internet Explorer. http://bit.ly/7Bap4c
  • Google to end support of IE6 on March 1, 2010. http://bit.ly/an3z93
  • From TechCrunch, a funeral is being held for IE6 on March 4. Browser to be buried without the body.
  • From Ars Technica, YouTube to kill IE6 support on March 13, 2010
  • March 4, 2011 - I learned Microsoft has created a site to EOL (end of life) Internet Explorer 6. http://ie6countdown.com
  • Microsoft announces they'll be automatically upgrading Internet Explorer on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. Check out their announcement here.


The Concept of Coworking

Posted by Aaron West at 11:33 AM in ColdFusion, Nashville, Coworking

Today I learned the term coworking. According to the coworking Web site the term means:

...a movement to create a community of cafe-like collaboration spaces for developers, writers and independents.

I've been familiar with the idea of friends in local communities sharing workspaces for a number of years. I just hadn't heard it called coworking before today. I don't know the official history of coworking but I suppose it came about due to the growing number of independent workers/freelancers/consultants/contractors. Working on your own is great but is also sucks when you're by yourself all the time. Banding together with other independent workers allows you have an office space of sorts and interact with similar folks. Here's short video of Eddie Codel (Hat Factory) and Sean Savage (PariSoMa) talking about their experience running two coworking spots, followed by a map of some coworking locations in Tennessee.

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