You've been able to turn on SSL on your Gmail account since 2008. It was a transmission preference that Google let you manage on your own. That management has supposedly been taken away as Google has announced HTTPS is now default on all Gmail accounts.

According to the blog posts, and the below screenshot from a Gmail help page, only those users who had not already changed their security setting will have it turned on by default. And even after they've turned it on by default you'll still be able to turn it off the same way you have before.

Oddly though, it doesn't appear this change has been rolled out to all accounts. I had overlooked the setting until I read how SSL was now default. I logged into my personal Gmail account and looked for https in the address bar. It wasn't there. I cruised over to the Settings screen and saw SSL was neither on nor off. I was surprised to see this as I know I've never set up my account to use SSL. Shouldn't I have been one of those who received the new default setting? What about your account, is SSL on for you?

Note that Google Apps users are not affected by this change. Administrators of Google Apps accounts have a new option to force SSL on all domain Google Apps accounts, but these accounts are not part of the new default setting.

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