This so-called "quadricopter" is too cool! I recently purchased two small mini RC helicopters (here's one of them) and they pale in comparison to this puppy. If you're into remote control stuff - or just cool tech - check out this video. Did I mention the AR.Drone is built on a totally open platform? It's initially going to be controllable via iPhone (and probably iPod Touch) but developers can use an API to build a Blackberry, DROID, or other interface.

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2 Responses to Parrot AR.Drone - I Want One!

  1. Roland Collins

    Why wait - you can get them now :)


    Also, this is by far the best micro chopper I've bought - it has a gyro for stabilization, which enables it to actually hover in one spot (unlike all those other crappier versions).


  2. @Roland - While those links lead to RC helicopters I venture to say they are nothing like the AR.Drone. No wi-fi control, mobile device control, multiple cameras, automatic landing, augmented reality gaming, 120 minute runtime, etc.