New Personal Cards from Moo

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I haven't had personal cards (as in NOT business cards) for a few years and I've been wanting to try out the MiniCards from Moo, so I ordered one of their stock packages. I spent a little while working on my own design but couldn't come up with something I really liked. I chose these super colorful cards costing $20 for 100. I'm finally advertising my Google Voice number, my Twitter name and my new Web site that, incidentally isn't live yet. It will be soon. The downside? I didn't have these at CFUnited last week.

If anyone is interested in trying out Moo cards, let me know. I have three 15% discount cards I'd be happy to give out.

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8 Responses to New Personal Cards from Moo

  1. I'd like to try them out, but knowing me I'd take your discount and procrastinate for 4 months so I won't ask for one of them. They look really nice though!

  2. AS work refuses to make business cards for me, I'd be interested. :-)

  3. I had moo mini-cards for cfunited last week, they worked out very well.

  4. @Other Todd - I didn't get one - WTF? :P

  5. @Todd #2: Er.. you know how to contact me? o_O

  6. love the moo cards. just got another set. they are a bit larger then normal. just FYI. But the weight and feel is awesome it is almost like a plastic.

  7. As requested - PING!

  8. If anyone still needs a 15% discount code let me know; I have two left.