I've finally gotten around to uploading my CFUnited 2009 slides to my site so folks can download all the assets. Included in the download are PDF versions of all my slides, snippets of all the code used, a Flex Project Archive of the AIR application, and instructions on how to use the code. Just press right here to download everything in a zip file. I've also embedded my slides from SlideSix below or you can click this link to view the slides directly on

To all those who attended my presentation, thanks for being a great, captive audience. It was a lot of fun to spend an hour with you doing something I love to do, write code and teach.

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4 Responses to CFUnited 2009 - My AIR Messaging Slides and Code

  1. Aaron I was at the CFUnited presentation and I was wondering how seamlessly this transitions to ColdFusion 9. We have CF8 standard servers with the LCDS express doing some messaging via event gateways but over RTMP which is no longer available in CF9 without full LCDS. I'm looking at moving this to long polling but I don't want to move it to long polling if I'm going to have to work out how to get it to run on CF9 I'd rather just wait for CF9. We are early adaptapers and this server will be upgraded to CF9 pretty quickly after release.

    Great session BTW.

  2. Good questions Paul. I apologize for not responding sooner! ColdFusion 9 does not come with LCDS Express as in the past. It now comes bundled with BlazeDS. So, RTMP is still out of the question but you can set up a streaming channel or a long-polling channel. Streaming would be your best bet in terms of performance and it's the closest thing to RTMP in the BlazeDS world.

  3. I just spent some time setting this up. As long as you define the channels in CF9 to match the channels in CF8 & BlazsDS its just works seamlessly when you move the Flex code to the CF9 server. I'm going to look more into streaming but in the short term long polling is working well. Arron In general how often do you poll and what do you set your wait time at?

  4. Yea, it only takes a minute to figure out what has changed between ColdFusion 8 and ColdFusion 9. Now that BlazeDS is built into ColdFusion 9 there's a <coldfusion> node in the basic polling definition and the endpoint URI is a bit different. By default there's no longpolling node but you can copy one from ColdFusion 8 and paste it into your XML config file on ColdFusion 9. Then, change the endpoint URI to match the polling URI (ensuring the last part of the URI is unique) and copy the <coldfusion> node from the polling channel into your longpolling channel. Finally, set up a destination in messaging-config.xml to use longpolling and restart ColdFusion. Point your Flex or AIR app to the new destination and test.

    I recommend turning on full BlazeDS console logging so you can see which endpoint is being used in cases where you're stacking them in your destinations. Having the logging info in the console is really useful when you are troubleshooting issues or want to see which messages are going where.