I'm a pretty big calendar user at both work and home. No I'm not one of those folks who manages every life event or task in a calendar, but I use them pretty heavily. I basically follow the GTD / David Allen use of calendars storing events or tasks that must happen at a specific point in time. Keeping all this information organized is nice but it's pretty useless if you don't have it everywhere you go. Back in December I blogged about synchronizing my work calendar in Entourage with Google Calendar and ultimately my iPhone. I discussed two ways to set it up. One was a free solution using off the shelf software, and the other a fee-based solution using the popular Spanning Sync. I'm happy to report seven months later everything is still working very well with Spanning Sync.

Last month, my home calendar gained further significance when Apple announced the ability to share iCal calendars with family and friends via MobileMe. This was good news for me since my wife was always asking about my appointments and schedule. We both work quite a bit, she at home 100% of the time and me at the office and at home. We're also both involved in several different organizations, both personal and professional and we have a son. Needless to say it is pretty difficult to keep up with each others schedule. To help my wife with this predicament I'm now sharing my personal calendar with her via MobileMe. She's subscribed to it on her iPhone so no matter where she is or what she's doing she can tap into my schedule and know what's going on.

Sharing an iCal calendar on Mac via MobileMe is ridiculously easy. The first step is to launch iCal and right-click (or command-click) the name of the calendar you want to share. In the resulting context menu select the "Publish..." option.

A new window will display allowing you specify a name for your shared calendar as well as choose from several publishing options. While it might be easy to call your shared calendar "Home" or "Work" I caution you against this. The name you choose will become part of a shared URL for your calendar and anyone knowing your MobileMe username (which is your e-mail address) can easily guess names of calendars in a specific URL. If they happen to guess the name you chose they will have full viewing rights to ALL the information included in the calendar. Once you've typed an obfuscated name for your calendar press the Publish button.

iCal will publish your calendar and your chosen settings to MobileMe and display two unique URLs for your calendar. The first is a webcal URL you can send to friends and family. Anyone who clicks on the link will be prompted to add the subscribed calendar to their copy of iCal or to a new calendar on their iPhone or iPod Touch. The second URL can be used (by anyone) to view your shared calendar in a Web browser. Of course, they have to know the URL.

To get my wife subscribed to my personal calendar I simply pressed the Send Mail button and typed in her e-mail address. A few moments later she received the mail on her iPhone where she pressed the webcal link to add a new subscribed calendar to the device. Now she's always in the loop!

What do you do if you want to send your shared calendar information to a second friend or family member? Launch iCal and right-click a calendar you are already sharing. Select the "Send Publish Email" option and type in your friend or family members e-mail address. If for some reason you decide to stop sharing a calendar, you discover an unauthorized person has guessed your calendar URL for instance, simply right-click the shared calendar in iCal and select Unpublish. Finally, you can give a trusted person the webcal URL to your calendar by right-clicking the shared calendar and selecting Copy URL to Clipboard. Paste the URL into an e-mail or instant messenger window and you're done!

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  1. Hi Aaron - I just came across your post which is v. useful, so thank you. One issue I have is that I use multiple calendars all colour coded for easy reference. So that means each one has a unique URL. I'm trying to find a way to publish a combined master view that I can give to others for acesss. Do you know a way to do this by any chance? Or perhaps I separately need to use spanningsync to put ical onto google cal and share that instead? Any help appreciated but not to worry if you don't feel like being tech support on your blog ;-)

  2. @Andy - Good question. I can't remember if there's a way to create a combined iCal calendar. If you could, that would be a way to create the calendar and then share just the combined one. You might also be able to accomplish this with Google but again, I'm not sure. I've only ever shared a single iCal or Google calendar. If you find a solution please post another comment.

  3. There is a way to create a combined calendar.
    By using groups on the calendar list. And then sharing the group.

    So just create a new group, drag and drop your calendars into that group and then share the group in the same way that you shared the Calendar.

  4. Harden W.

    Hi Aaron: really like your blog, first time I've seen it.

    I have a question kind of in reverse: my MobileMe calendar is already all populated with my app'ts, etc, and it is syncing up back & forth between office & home as I change it in either location. I keep my office calendar in Entourage (I'm on a Mac and have MS-Office for Mac hence Entourage).

    My challenge is I want to get it all my existing MobileMe calendar into iCal to then share the iCal calendar with others according to your approach you suggest. How do I do that, do you know ? Or maybe it's not necessary and there's a way to share my MobileMe calendar with others very easily ? Please advise any ideas. Many thanks, Harden W

  5. @Harden - If I understand you correctly, you have everything working the way you want in your MobileMe calendar and you just want to share that calendar with others. If that's true, then all you need to do is make your MobileMe calendar public using the information I've posted in this blog entry. Does that make sense?

  6. Jan

    Will this work for my need? I'm a part-time assistant and need access to my bosses calendar and any changes to it real-time (or at least without requiring her to sync or do anything manually). She uses iPhone, I use Droid (Google).
    I've created a Google account for her that I can access and would like her phone to pull in this calendar.

  7. @Jan - Yes, if your boss is going to use Google calendar on her iPhone, then you can simply subscribe to the same calendar on your DROID. I'm not familiar with the interfaces on DROID, but it's really easy to set up an iPhone to sync with a Google calendar. I even blogged about that here (http://www.aaronwest.net/blog/index.cfm/2010/1/9/G...). There's a link in that post that takes you to a Google mobile setup page that should help you get started configuring your DROID.

  8. Okay,

    I have a difficult time keeping all this stuff straight, so bear with me. My assistant and I keep a group calendar on outlook, so she can see and edit my schedule. I use mobile me on my PC and iPhone to keep my stuff synced. We have been using a third party product to link our calendars on our PCs and keep everything synced. But it is unreliable and clunky. Is there a way to use either mobile me or google calendar or iCal to allow us to create a group calendar that is real-time between the three devices, her pc, my pc, and my iphone? I would like to continue to use outlook as my calendar entry program.


  9. @Jack - Don't worry about this stuff being confusing. I find it confusing as well. The answer to your question is yes, you can create a group calendar and then have your data sync between multiple PCs and your iPhone. I recommend you try Google Calendar for this. To get started you'll want to create a new Google calendar at http://google.com/calendar. Then, to set up your two PCs running Outlook to sync with your new Google calendar. Here's Google's help page that explains how to do this: http://bit.ly/bRqz5A. Next, you'll want to create a new calendar on your iPhone that's associated with your new Google calendar. You can use Google Sync for this, but I've found it to be a battery killer. I blogged about this here: http://bit.ly/7F9To9. You can read that blog post if you want, but if you want to just get right to configuring your iPhone with your new Google calendar (without Google Sync), you should go to this Google help page: http://bit.ly/ckmasZ.

    Follow the instructions in those links and you should be good to go! Incidentally, if you are away from your PC with Outlook, or you forget your iPhone at home, you can still access your Google calendar at google.com/calendar.

  10. Jack


    Thanks. this is working well so far. I am using a google calendar as my "ghost" to sync between the two PCs, then I am using MobileMe to sync between my PC and the iPhone. I may look into the business version of google calendar to get the separate Google calendar overlays.

    thanks again.

  11. Thanks for the tips. Nice blog.

  12. Ken

    Great post. At least now my wife can see my calendar on her new iPhone. Any suggestions on how to make her look? ;)

  13. @Ken - I don't have any suggestions unfortunately. My wife can see my calendar as well but she'll still ask me about my schedule. When I mention my schedule is on her iPhone she'll typically say: "Oh yea, I forgot."

  14. Hi Aaron,
    This is great info. Thanks.
    I want to sync 2 PC's (my laptop and assistant's) and my iphone. We need to share the usual: calendar, contacts. It seems like mobile me will do it easily. is there something I'm missing?

    I'm assuming she will have to go to me.com to get the info (in other words it won't sync to her PC), right?



  15. @Hugh - You can share calendars, contacts, and more via MobileMe between any number of computers, laptops, and iPhones. The easiest way to go about this is to setup a single MobileMe account on all the computers and devices. So first, you sign-up for MobileMe. Then set up the first computer (think of this one as the master) and get all your data synched to MobileMe. You can choose to synch calendar items, contacts, bookmarks, and more in the MobileMe preferences pane in System Preferences.

    Once you have all the data onto MobileMe you then enter your MobileMe account credentials on each additional computer and they will begin to synch from the MobileMe servers.

    What you want to achieve is also possible without actually setting up MobileMe on each computer, but you will be limited to what is synched. For instance, I have MobileMe set up on my MacBook Pro and my iPhone 3GS. In addition to that, my "Home" calendar is set to publish as a shared calendar on MobileMe. This allows my wife to add my calendar to her iPhone 3G using the CalDAV option. She doesn't actually have my calendar synching to her Mac laptop, just her iPhone.

    If MobileMe isn't your thing, you can also look into using Google Sync. I talk about this in my Google Sync + iPhone = Battery Killer blog post which is located here: http://www.aaronwest.net/blog/index.cfm/2010/1/9/G...

  16. ishtombi

    Thanks for the information. I a question that you might be able to help with. My wife and I each have an iphone 3gs. I have a mobileme account and have the calendar synced to the outlook calendar on the PC at home as well as my phone. At work, we both use PCs and have Groupwise. Do you have a suggestion on how to share or sync our personal calendars using mobileme? Would upgrading to the family account allow calendar sharing/syncing? Would the easiest way be to make our separate mobileme calendar's (once she's set up with an account) public and use the URL to access each others calendar? Thanks for your help.

  17. @ishtombi - If you think you're wife would benefit from her own MobileMe account and the 99$ a year is worth it to you, I think going that route will work fine. You can each share your MobileMe calendar via WebDAV and then subscribe to the calendars from just about anywhere. You can subscribe to her shared calendar on your iPhone, she can subscribe to yours, and you can hook into the calendar from other supported operating systems and calendaring systems.

  18. Thomas


    Great discussion and gave me some good ideas, but I still have a problem.

    My wife and me have a 3GS each.
    I bought the MobileMe family pack, so we each got an MobilMe account.

    I shared my MobileMe calendar via iCal on my Macbook Pro.
    Logged on my wifes MobileMe account and shared hers.
    Logged on my own MobileMe account again.

    This is what I get:
    2 shared calendars (which is what I want)
    I subscribed to hers and she to mine, we see each other calendar(Great! this is my goal).

    The problem is:
    My MobileMe calendar only syncs/updates when I use iCal on my Macbook Pro. It pulls the changes from MobileMe (including does I made with my iPhone) and shares them. So when I use my Macbook Pro, my calendar sync as planned.
    So if I don't use my Macbook Pro(iCal) nothing syncs.

    My wife only use her iPhone.

    Would really love the ability to share calendars inside the family pack (server based).

    Am I missing something?

  19. Stephan


    Great thread. My understanding is that there is currently no way to share calendars securely using MobileMe, hence the need to use an obscure name and URL for the shared calendar. Is there another way to achieve the same thing securely?

    Is there a way to allow my wife to edit/write to my shared calendar?

    Or does Thomas's 3/17 reply describe the closest solution that can currently be achieved?

    My wife and I each have a Mac and an iPhone 3Gs. I'm starting a new job soon and expect that I will receive a Windows laptop for work.

  20. @Thomas - I'm not sure I understand what you are saying. You have MobileMe for yourself and your wife and both your machine and your wife's machine are set up with the individual calendar on that machine plus the other shared calendar. This is where I get confused. I don't know what you mean by "So if I don't use my Macbook Pro(iCal) nothing syncs." You say it works when you use your MacBook Pro and your iPhone. What else would you use to make changes to your calendar? I'll make a guess that your wife is trying to change your calendar on her iPhone and it's not working?

    Okay, so I took a few minutes to grab my wife's iPhone and attempt to add an entry on my calendar which she is subscribed to via CalDAV. My calendar is called "AaronHome" on her iPhone and that calendar name does not show up in the new appointment creation screen. So it appears that sharing calendars through MobileMe is one-way (read only).

    @Stephan - You're correct the MobileMe calendar sharing ability isn't secure. Each calendar has a specific URl derived from the MobileMe account name plus a user-specific name for the shared calendar. If someone were to know your account name - most would since it's just your e-mail address - and they guessed your shared calendar name, they would have full read only access to your calendar data.

    As far as calendar subscriber edits go, my response to Thomas should answer that question. I was under the impression subscribers could add entries to shared calendars but it obviously doesn't work.

    That said, if you guys want to have your spouses edit/add appointments to your calendar it looks like you're going to have to use something other than MobileMe. I'm pretty sure Google Calendar will allow full edits but I'm not certain. If either of you find out let me know. Or, when I get a moment I'll try it.

  21. Stephan


    Thanks. I've got it all working. As I think about it, the situation where my wife would truly need to write to my calendar is rare. In effect, she is able to do this with all the entries that she "owns" by writing to the calendar which she has published, and to which I am subscribed--I see her entries/updates on my end together (and in the same day/week/month views) with my own entries.

    I don't foresee many situations where she would need to edit an entry that I have created or vice versa--at least until our kids get older. By then, I'm sure Apple or somebody will have this issue worked out.

  22. Sounds like you're good to go then Stephan. Have fun.

  23. Ferno

    Hi Aaron or anyone in tech land,

    A good Easter to you. I was wondering if you could help me out. I have read your blog which is very good by the way and I would like to know how does one make the calendar in mobileme public. I have my calendar in mobile me and I want my partner to go to a website or click on a link I give to him so that he can see my calendar whenever I am out of touch. Can he also get my mobile me calendar on his iphone?

  24. @Ferno - The instructions in this blog post describe how to share your calendar. That's the title of the post too, sharing a MobileMe calendar.

  25. Ferno

    Hi, Maybe I'm crazy but I can't see the answer. I am in my mobile me and I want to publish my calendar in mobile me so that my partner can pick it up. I already know how to publish a calendar from ical but I want to publish the calendar from within my mobile me account. So I log into my mobile me account and go to the calendar feature and from there how to I publish it. Thanks for your help.

  26. @Ferno - I see, you are wanting to initiate the calendar sharing from the me.com Web site, not iCal running on a Mac. As far as I can tell this isn't possible. The only way to share a MobileMe calendar is from the iCal software on your Mac.

  27. Rak35h

    MobileMe Family a/c - mine and wife's

    Me: MacBookPro, iPhone, webMobileMe
    Wife: PC (no outlook), iPhone, webMobileme

    Via my MBP, i can share my calendar etc. which is fine.

    I'd like to setup such that I can 'see' her calendar. Editing is not important. But in absence of iCal or Outlook on PC, I cant see how I can achieve this.

    Any thoughts?

  28. @Rak35h - Since your wife doesn't have calendar software on your computer than can integrate with MobileMe (such as iCal on OS X) I don't see you accomplishing what you want. I posted a few days ago that I didn't think you could share a MobileMe calendar from the me.com Web site and that's the only way I could see your wife sharing her calendar without using her computer.

  29. Henrik Wendt

    I have been thinking about how to solve the problem with sharing and editing calendars within our family and I have an idea that might work but I haven't tested it because I don't have any MM family account.
    Maybe someone here can test this and tell us if it works.
    I You have a family account, can't you just create one "account/user" for the family calendar and then add that calendar to the iPhone and iCal (Besides your usual acoount of course). In this way you should be able to view and edit both calendars whereever you are. If there's need for sharing a calendar without the need for editing, the sharing option is probably better because you don't need to add an extra account/user.

  30. Erin

    Hi Aaron,

    So from what I understand there is no real way to securely publish a mobileme calendar is that correct? My predicament is that I assist someone that has two other out of office assistants that need to be able to see the calendar, but I need to make sure that it is secure. IE, is there a way to password protect it so only they can see it? At the same time I cannot also simply give them her mobileme login and password.

    Any thoughts? Thank you!


  31. Binderup

    I have the same "problem" as Thomas described 3/17.

    I have a MM family account my wife has a macbook and I have an iMac/macbook pro.

    When we are at home adding stuff to our published calendars using iCal the entries are synced very nicely. It's only when we are on the go that we have issues with the shared calendars.
    If I update an entry on my iPhone while both our Macs are turned off, my wife will not get the updates, and I not hers.

    It's only when both our computers are turned on and we have iCal open that the entries are updated.

    This is a big let down and something we liked a lot when we both used Google. I really hope that Apple will fix this rather sooner than later

  32. @Binderup I haven't experienced the issues you describe. At least not as far as my calendar entries in iCal showing up on my iPhone and my wifes iPhone. That said, I do believe the calendar entries are read only on every device and computer other than the original. I suppose this is how MobileMe is designed though I do consider it a flaw.

  33. Binderup


    A way to reproduce this is to turn off iCal on your computer then add some entries on your iPhone. I'm pretty sure that the updates/new entries will not show up on any of the other devices that subscribe to your calendar.

    iPhone calendar only updates the data on mobileme not the .ics file that iCal publishes/refreshes.

    It is a smaller issue as we both have Macs with iCal, and we use the macs every day when home from work - but if my wife adds an entry to her calendar during the day I will not see it until later in the day when she opens iCal (and remembers to do so).

    This just worked so well on Google Calendar (updates turned up right away on subscribers calendars), but we are not going back to Gmail/Google Calendar (don't trust them any more)

  34. Binderup

    Had a chat session yesterday with MobileMe support. And currently published calendars is only updated through iCal and not from iPhone.

    So my wifes calendar (that I subscribe to) will have to make the trip around iCal before I will see the updates on my iCal or iPhone.

    The supporter did say that it was one of the most requested MobileMe Calendar feature to be able to have updates pushed to subscribers without having to use iCal.

  35. @Binderup - Thanks for the followup; I'm sure those who have commented recently will appreciate the info. I'm not too surprised to hear the response from the MobileMe support agent but it does seem a bit ridiculous this functionality isn't already available.

    I'm pretty sure I'm switching from iPhone to an Android device where there's better e-mail, contacts, calendar integration with multiple devices.

  36. Binderup


    I have both the HTC Legend (work) and the iPhone 3G (personal), and even though the specs are better on the Android it's still no where near the iPhone in ease of use.

    First problem I had with the Android. It doesn't support WIFI with hidden SSID, you have to download an app that hacks the settings in the phone in order for it to support hidden SSID.

    Second problem was when I set it up as a work phone (secure mobile from TDC.dk) and connected it to our network. The Android then completely changes the security settings so that I have to use the keyboard to type in the password and not the security pattern that is kind of cool, and it doesn't use a special keypad for passwords it uses your standard selected keypad (usually the qwerty pad with the result that most exchange users on an android will have 4 spaces as a password and the space button is the largest :-)).

    Third. Apparently there is a well known bug in Android when it comes to the Global Address Book on exchange servers. If there are enforced security policy on the server then the company address book doesn't work.

    All of the above problems were non issues with the iPhone. For me using the Android is like using a Windows PC - it sort of works but I have to keep my eye on it all the time and I need to tweak stuff in order to get it to work. Then theres the whole matter of updates - when you buy the very latest Android there's no guarantee that you will get updates to the next latest version. The HTC Legend will maybe get the 2.2 update but it's not certain.

    The Android platform is too much an experimental platform for me, and I would not go out and spend my own money on one yet. iPhone may be closed, but it works very well as a closed phone. And there's not really a difference in the interface from the various iPhones where all the Android vendors have their own skin and special applications. In that "Sense (tm)" most android phones are in my view even more closed than the iphone.

  37. JK

    Very useful thread, Aaron - thanks.

    I have another question - I have never used MobileMe, so forgive me if this is obvious - I have a Mac and I want to sync it with my iPhone (so, MobileMe is obvious). I also see from this thread that I can share my cal's with others as you describe.

    However, I DO NOT want others to see the detail of my diary, rather to JUST see that I am busy - is there a way of setting iCal / MobileMe to NOT show details, just that I am not available?


  38. @JK - From my experience, sharing a MobileMe calendar means you share the full details of said calendar.

  39. Harden Wiedemann

    Hi all: I find this Aaron West Technology Blog incredibly helpful in sortign the complexities of e-calendaring. However for now I need to leave a WARNING post about Spanning Synch.

    I am getting increasingly up-to-speed in some workgroups I need to quickly schedule face-to-face meetings with, on a very cool app (and website) called TimeBridge. BTW, TimeBridge allows you to "anonymize" your iCal / MobileMe calendar entries and only shows, on that sytem, to others, as "Busy" with no details.

    So in the context of using TimeBridge more efficiently (more interoperability with other systems), I thought it would be useful to try out Spanning Synch (recommended on one post, I think by Aaron, as reliable...) to hook up my iCal / MobileMe calendar with Google calendar. I downloaded Spanning Synch and immediately began having all kinds of problems with my Mac Air laptop. Mainly Spanning Synch forced me to power down/re-start my Mac at obviously inopportune/inappropriate times, over and over (in total about 15-20 times), right when you were in the middle of e.g. setting those preferences within Spanning Synch as far as how it interfaces with Google Calendar.

    So long story short, I had a very bad experience with Spanning Synch and dumped it and don't know if I'm willing to try it again.
    It seemed to conflict with MobileMe, Entourage and other apps / capabilities I use all the time.

    Harden - Dallas, Tx.

  40. @Harden - Thanks for your comment, though I must tell readers I had no issues with Spanning Sync when I used it for a year. It was well worth the price I paid for it. I don't use the software anymore simply because all my calendars have been moved to Google.

  41. Mike B

    Hi all,

    Security question. I want to be able to see my wife's 2 work calendars she syncs on MobileMe, on my iphone. I have my own personal calendar I dont need to sync with her. I set up a public calendar publish so I could subscribe on my iphone but am wondering if I should be concerned about security of the calendars. There is sensitive information I wouldn't want to be available to someone. Is there a better way to see her calendars on my phone or should I be concerned with the public calendars security?


  42. @Mike B - sharing an iCal calendar on MobileMe is unsecure. If someone guesses the URL to your calendar they will be able to see all the data in the calendar. In other words, there's no authentication to the calendar and the calendar is not secured via SSL.

    iCal also supports private server publication. You have to setup your own WebDAV / CalDAV server but you get the added benefit of authentication.

    If you are concerned about security and/or you have data in your calendar you simply cannot show the public, don't use MobileMe calendar publication.

  43. Francis George

    Hey Aaron. Very helpful article. However, we're stuck, and need your help. We have an office of 15 people. Only 3 of us have MobileMe. For the other 12, it's really easy to share calendars using a free CalDAV server like iCalx. However, we 3 MobileMe users can only share with each other, for shared calendars are only available to paid MobileMe members.

    What's the workaround? Get 3 copies of BusySync for the MobileMe users? I don't want to buy 12 copies of MobileMe.


  44. @Francis - I stopped using MobileMe a while back so I could be wrong, but MobileMe users are able to share their calendar with anyone. To be more specific, you can share a MobileMe calendar with anyone using any other calendaring software. That's what this blog post is about, the sharing aspect. The only downside is the folks who are viewing your shared calendar cannot make changes or add items. Am I misunderstanding what you are trying to do?

  45. Tanya

    I have my calendar set in mobile me and I have 3 Ipads, 1 Mac and 2 Itouches all sync'd. My husband has a Gmail account now and wants to use the Google Calendar. I am able to add our mobile me calendars via URL to the google calendars however when I add events or make changes to events in mobile me it does not change on the google calendar. Am I missing something?

  46. @Tanya - I'm not sure what the problem is with your setup. How are you sharing your MobileMe calendar(s) which Google? Are you using the WebDAV URL or something else?

  47. John Armstrong

    I have a different problem. At one time, I subscribed my wife's Mac to my MobileMe account, because I wanted to try out BackToMyMac while on the road. In the process, my calendar began being shared with hers, and she could see it on her local iCal. That experiment is now done with, and I've successfully stopped sharing my calendar with her Mac (she didn't want to see it, as it cluttered her calendar ;-) BUT now she still sees my calendar popup reminders! Every time I defer one for an hour or a day, she sees it pop up on her screen each time it expires! I haven't been able to find anything on how to stop this unwanted behavior. Help!

  48. @John - Yikes, that doesn't sound good. Unfortunately I don't know why that is occurring. But, I'd recommend trying to resubscribe your wifes Mac to your MobileMe account and then unsubscribing it. Maybe something didn't work properly when you previously unsub'd it and a second try will fix it.

  49. John Armstrong

    I have a different problem. At one time, I subscribed my wife's Mac to my MobileMe account, because I wanted to try out BackToMyMac while on the road. In the process, my calendar began being shared with hers, and she could see it on her local iCal. That experiment is now done with, and I've successfully stopped sharing my calendar with her Mac (she didn't want to see it, as it cluttered her calendar ;-) BUT now she still sees my calendar popup reminders! Every time I defer one for an hour or a day, she sees it pop up on her screen each time it expires! I haven't been able to find anything on how to stop this unwanted behavior. Help!

  50. John Armstrong

    I *think* I've solved this problem, Aaron, hopefully once and for all. It turns out that I thought I'd hit all the bases, but I had overlooked the iCal | Preferences | Accounts pane, which actually defines the subscription to the shared MobileMe calendar. I simply deleted this account/subscription on my wife's computer, and that seems to have slain the beast. No more unwanted calendar popup's!