I'm posting this mostly for myself, but others may benefit as well. Let me start off by saying I'm not a fan or proponent of Internet Information Server (IIS) or Microsoft in general. My personal hosting preference, which I've blogged about, is Apache running on Linux. At work most of our production Web servers are running IIS so I'm force to work with it from time-to-time. On more than one occasion I've run into the problem of IIS not understanding the .air extension of Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) applications. This is obviously a problem if you are deploying AIR install badges on an IIS server or you are pointing AIR app updates (using the built-in updater API) at a URL, since both of these involve users accessing a file that ends in the .air extension.

The solution to this problem is really simple but I've forgotten it enough that I'm posting it as a blog entry. Below are textual instructions on how to add the .air extension as a new MIME type to IIS. If you are more a visual type learner I've posted two links where other bloggers list the same instructions with screenshots from the IIS Manager application. Oddly enough I couldn't find any instructions on how to do this on Adobe's site or in Adobe technotes.

How to add the .air file extension to IIS:

  1. launch Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager
  2. expand the Web Sites tree control so all your Web sites are displayed
  3. right-click your target Web site and select Properties
  4. select the HTTP Headers tab
  5. press the MIME Types button toward the bottom of the HTTP Headers tab
  6. in the MIME Types window that displays, press the New button
  7. a small window will display asking you to input an extension and a MIME type. For extension type .air. For MIME Type copy and paste the following text: application/vnd.adobe.air-application-installer-package+zip
  8. press the Ok button
  9. close any additional windows or dialog boxes
  10. if you have multiple Web sites in IIS repeat steps 3 through 10 for each target site
Graphical instructions - skitsanos blog
Graphical instructions - ploem blog

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6 Responses to Adding the AIR File Extension to Internet Information Server (IIS)

  1. Are these instructions for IIS6? Sounds like they are...if so, the process is a tiny bit easier in IIS7 - there is a MIME type icon when you select a given site - just double click and start at step 7 above.

  2. Todd yes, these are instructions for IIS 6. Thanks for posting how to add the MIME type to IIS 7.

  3. Maurice Holt

    Is there a way to do this for shared servers as in web hosting where you don't have access to the manager?

  4. @Maurice, Not that I know of no. If you find out it is possible I'd love for you to post a follow up comment.

  5. Enver Saleem

    Many thanks Aaron, your solution has saved me hours of searching and fretting.

  6. Just a quick thank you. Of course it worked like a charm. I agree with you... Apache is my webserver of choice.