If you're a developer or manager interested in high availability ColdFusion, I recommend you clear your calendar for an hour this coming Thursday. Why? Because Mike Brunt, one of the most knowledgeable and experienced ColdFusion experts will be giving an online presentation on this very topic. In 2008 I hired Mike to work with me to help tune the enterprise ColdFusion platform that powers Dealerskins. He was very effective in helping us "ring out" some extra performance from our ColdFusion servers. So I can personally vouch for Mike's ability to give a presentation on high availability ColdFusion.

The meeting description below is only a portion of the full details on the ColdFusion Meetup site. Please hit that link for all the who, what, where details, as well as information on how to RSVP for the meeting and how to join the meeting on July 16.

In "ColdFusion Uptime, All The Time", Mike Brunt will discuss the key concepts and practices that form the foundation for high availability ColdFusion systems. He'll discuss what he calls the "performance and stability stack", which is the combination of hardware and software (in particular ColdFusion) that makes up a high-performing, highly-available Web application. Mike will also go into some depth on the data tier, which is typically the main dependency for ColdFusion applications. The concepts presented here are drawn from Webapper's years of real-world field-work assisting clients with in building high-performing, highly-available implementation.

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