I whipped up two iPhone wallpapers to help you show your love for ColdFusion. Both feature the ColdFusion Rocks dude who originally appeared on the Flex/AIR 1.0 launch poster and postcard. If you can't see him he's rocking out on the ping pong table. To download the wallpaper point Safari on your iPhone to this blog post and press and hold each image to save.

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7 Responses to ColdFusion Rocks Dude iPhone Wallpaper

  1. Woo-hoo! I'm sooo tired of that stupid globe. Thanks.

  2. Thanks

    I never knew you could save an image like that

  3. Gov

    Where can we find a high resolution version of "the ColdFusion Dude" ?

  4. I'm not aware of any high resolution images but if you find some please post a reply with links.

  5. Gov

    I realize now it was kind of a silly question to ask for a 'high res' since "the Dude" is relatively pixelized from the beginning.

    I'd rather rephrase my question :
    Who has the original, uncompressed, unaltered image ?

  6. I can't remember where I got the original image. I think it was a press kit given to me because of my participation in the Adobe Community Professionals program. But I could be wrong.