Adobe has announced the public betas for ColdFusion 9 and ColdFusion Builder!! Over the last six months or so tidbits about ColdFusion 9 and ColdFusion Builder have been steadily released at conferences and via the global Adobe ColdFusion User Group tour (which is still going on).

Today, the general developer public can get their hands on both ColdFusion 9 and Adobe's new integrated development environment, ColdFusion Builder. Below is some really detailed information on new features in ColdFusion 9 as well as ColdFusion Builder. Following the product information are links you can use to download the public betas and try them out yourself!

ColdFusion 9 Features

CFML Language Evolution
ColdFusion 9 introduces several requested CFML and CFC improvements including the onServerStart() method, nested CFTRANSACTIONS, local variable scope, and implicit getters and setters. All the CFML language enhancements in ColdFusion 9 were vetted and directed by the CFML Advisory committee.

Major Enhancements to CFSCRIPT
ColdFusion 9 includes the highly requested extended support for CFSCRIPT, including full function, component and interface definition. Save time building applications by not having to switch between script and tag based coding.

Hibernate-based ORM
One of the most significant additions to ColdFusion is the new object-relational mapping framework built-in to ColdFusion 9. Powered by the industry leading Hibernate framework, ColdFusion 9 takes rapid application development to the next level by allowing ColdFusion developers to build database driven applications without writing SQL, faster than any other platform.

Exposed Service Layer (CFaaS, pronounced "see-faz")
ColdFusion 9 exposes many existing enterprise services that can be accessed using SOAP or Flash Remoting without writing a single line of CFML. These services include charting, document services, PDF utilities, image manipulation and email. With granular security controls, these web services can be sandboxed, permitting access only to authorized applications.

New Server Management Tool
The new Server Manager is a desktop application to help manage multiple ColdFusion servers from one location, simplifying administration. You can create data sources, schedule tasks, apply hotfixes and clear caches across a cluster of ColdFusion servers as well as compare settings across servers. Since it's based on Adobe AIR, the Server Manager can run on Windows, OSX and Linux.

Advanced Caching Abilities
ColdFusion 9 enables more granular control over caching, allowing you to build high performance applications. By using new built-in functions, you can cache objects/data or page fragments to disk or memory.

Dynamic UI Controls
Developing rich applications for the browser has never been easier. ColdFusion 9 provides access to a broader set of AJAX controls that leverage the new Ext JS 3.0 library via easy to use CFML tags and attributes. New controls include mapping, Video Player, multi-file upload, enhanced data grid, accordion navigation, progress indicator, confirmations and alerts as well as customizable buttons and sliders.

Apache Solr/Lucene Integration
ColdFusion 9 adds support for the open source Apache Solr project. Based on the popular Lucene full-text search engine, Apache Solr can index an unlimited number of documents for access via the CFSEARCH tag.

Enterprise Glue: Microsoft SharePoint & Office Interoperability
ColdFusion 9 extends its reach into .NET based technologies like Microsoft SharePoint and MS Office. Teamed with previous integration with .NET, MS Exchange and Active Directory, ColdFusion developers can fully bridge the gap between Java and .NET technologies. Native Excel, PowerPoint and Word functionality extends ColdFusion reporting capabilities from the web into the conference room.

Native JEE Portlets
With native support for Java standards JSR-168, JSR-286 and WSRP, ColdFusion applications can be exposed as Portlets in leading JEE Portals. The full range of integration and services make ColdFusion 9 the fastest and easiest way to extend your company's portals.

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ColdFusion Builder Overview

Eclipse-based ColdFusion IDE
Install ColdFusion Builder as a stand-alone application or integrate it with Adobe Flash Builder or an existing Eclipse install.

Code Complete and Insight
Accelerate your application development with ColdFusion Builder. The code editor in ColdFusion Builder inspects variables, CFCs and UDFs to help write code faster. Of course, there is more to a ColdFusion application than just CFML - ColdFusion Builder has full support for HTML/DOM, CSS and JavaScript. ColdFusion Builder even has built-in support for popular JavaScript and AJAX frameworks like ExtJS and jQuery.

Code Refactoring
ColdFusion Builder speeds up your CFML application development when you change a function name within a CFC by automatically updating all references to those functions within your project.

Code Debugging
ColdFusion Builder has step-through CFML debugging without the need for additional plugins or setup. The advanced log viewer updates in real-time so it's great for console-style debugging.

Remote Projects and FTP Synchronization
Create projects locally or remote or both. ColdFusion Builder can synchronize your local and remote environments via FTP/SFTP.

Server Management
Unlike other tools, ColdFusion Builder helps bridge the gap between your code and the server it runs on. When you register your servers in ColdFusion Builder, you can start/stop services, view log files in real-time and access the administrator and monitor all from within the IDE! You can even set ColdFusion Builder to start/stop your local development environment when ColdFusion Builder is opened/closed.

Extensible CFML
ColdFusion developers can easily extend the functionality of ColdFusion Builder with CFML. Code generation, framework tools, server administration and project analyzers are examples of the types of extensions already being built by the community.

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Now that you've read up on the new features in ColdFusion 9 and ColdFusion Builder and you've queued up your downloads while you were reading my post you are sure to become a ColdFusion rock star!

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