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We've launched a new Web site and I'm curious what you think! The new site has been live for about two weeks after a few select folks in the office slaved over building it for a month or so. Personally, I really like the new site. During my four and half years at Dealerskins I've seen five different versions of our site (four of which are shown below). It's always difficult to get the right mix of marketing, content, and design that demonstrates the skills of our staff. The latest iteration of our site does a good job communicating our message and detailing features of our product offering. Kudos to our marketing team, designers and developers who put together the best Dealerskins site yet! Check it out and leave a comment letting me know what you think. (2009) (2006) (2003) (2002)

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6 Responses to New Dealerskins Web Site Launched

  1. dave

    My comments would mostly be aimed at the colors. That orange is a bit harsh (even though it is a soft orange) to be the main color & the gray doesn't do enough to lessen it. I would add at least 1 more color, probably a blue which would get a harmony going and soften the orange & then you could use a light shade of that blue in other places like the menu drop downs to help separate the menu from the background.

    The logo at the top needs a bit more "punch" as it starts to blend towards the right and the sub-text gets hard to read. The fonts in the header get a bit fuzzy as well, especially in bold, I would use a crisper font to make it easier to ready and give it an overall "crisper" feel. On both the text like "dealer login" and the menu I would again change the font and add 1-2px word spacing to make it stand out more.

    The gallery: I would make it so you can go forward and back in the images rather than having to open and close each 1 at a time.

    Site images: The images (like screenshots) are often out of focus and drab in color. I would DEFINITELY make these crisp and sharp and edit the bejesus out of the to make them pop. This would be my #1 fix since those are what will sell you the most so make them perfect.

    There is certainly a lot you could do with the site to give it some "wow".

    Sorry you asked ;)

  2. @Dave, thanks a lot for taking the time to provide some feedback on our site. I know this kind of feedback can be largely subjective but we appreciate it nonetheless. Your suggestion of adding next/previous links in the gallery is great. I'll pass all this feedback on to the team that built the site!

  3. Todd

    Can't see much on my iPhone, with so many millions of auto dealers using mobile devices who cares what colors you have or what it looks like if the site is broken for that segment!!

  4. Aaron I think the design looks good, it has that i-Phone inspired page through screens look. I know you have an incredibly challenging environment to work in, over 2,500 different sites so I wonder if you changed any of the underlying engineering too?

  5. @Todd - Maybe I'm missing something but with the exception of the few Flash bits on the site everything looks great on iPhone. No we didn't use the Apple iPhone site SDK to make an iPhone-specific version of the site but it looks great and functions great on iPhone.

    @Mike - Thanks for the comments! Our corporate site is a totally custom one-off site built outside of our dealer platform. We used many of the same techniques to put the site together but it's hosted on a separate internal platform.

  6. Sara laurence

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