My Extreme Haircut

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I've had long hair for the better part of 15 years; it's been part of who I am for a long time. But, I decided I needed a change recently so I secretly scheduled an appointment with my stylist. I say secretly because I wanted to surprise my wife with the new cut. The four braids of hair I cut off were just long enough to send to Locks of Love, so they'll be mailed soon. To chronicle the experience I took before and after photos and shot some video. Click any photo thumbnail below to launch a fullscreen photo browser or play the time lapsed video. What do you think of the new "do?!" Note: All photos and video were edited using only Adobe CS4 products.

If you don't see the video below, click here.

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12 Responses to My Extreme Haircut

  1. Aaron,

    Love the video. Love the look. Were they long enough to donate to Locks of Love?

  2. Dee Sadler

    LOVED the song! Perfect choice, and made my Saturday mid-day. I like the haircut too. I was a stylist for 24 years in upper-scale salons and day spas, and I am jealous of Jessica. Always loved when someone came in and did something drastic! You look good Aaron. I've already adjusted to you with short hair. :) Great video!

  3. @Bob - Yep, the 4 braided strands of hair were just over the 10 inch requirement. I have them in a plastic bag and will be mailing them to Locks of Love. I should've mentioned this in the post (I'll update it).

    @Dee - Jessica really enjoyed it I think; she said I made her week. I've already adjusted to it as well. Loving it so far.

  4. I haven't seen you look like that since the days back at HS! WOW!
    Did G recognize you without all the hair?

  5. @Michele - Yea he recognized me for sure but he could tell something was really different. I told him I got my hair cut like his and that's what he has been saying since: "Dada hair like me!"

  6. Extreme indeed. Looks tight dude. Can't wait to see it in person. One thing to mention...if your hair is more than 5% grey, Locks of Love won't take it, but Pantene will:

    Sadly when I got my hair cut, I was over the 5% threshold.

  7. I did the same thing about 6 years ago. I grew my hair out after getting out of the Navy in 1994. It was about as long as your WAS. It's a big change. I donated my hair also. I haven't gone back. Your new do looks great.

  8. Wow - Aaron you'll forgive me if I walk right past you at Max/Summit, right? :-)

    Jessica is cute... you think she'd come down to Mississippi and cut my hair for me? Oh wait - that means I'd have to grow some. Not likely in summer down here :p

  9. @Steve - You may not even have the opportunity to walk right past me at MAX. Unless Adobe accepts my proposed BlazeDS/CF/AIR talk I seriously doubt I'll be going. =(

  10. @Steve - Well, it looks like I will be at MAX so you'll have the opportunity to walk right past me and not recognize me. =)

  11. It takes a lot of balls to go in there and get it cut! I had uber-long hair for almost 10 years too, and finally did the same the thing a few years ago - I sent in over 12" of hair. I've noticed a lot less crazy stares since then :) It'll take some getting used to, but you'll love not having to fool with it. They did a good job with yours.

  12. Anna

    Your new image is excellent. There is a saying: "If you want to change lives- change their image." You probably want to change lives?